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Well Maintened but still had major problems

mindintomatter, 07/30/2012
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I purchased this car for an amazing price. And I know most people probably purchase the Aveo because of that. At $80,000 miles my car has had a string of major problems. The mechanic remarked that he's been fixing Aveos lately with the same problems. The front struts give out, the Temp Sensor, and the Solenoid. My check engine light just came on again. From speaking to people who have Aveos they say this car is badly built and usually doesn't make it to 100,000 miles. The back seat has almost no leg room either.

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Good ,But Not GREAT.

FlaBear, 10/01/2009
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I bought this car at the height of the high gas prices. Expected HUGE gas savings. BUT I have never gotten better than 18mpg in the city,and that is driving no 'pedal to the metal' ever. 'Fun driving' drops it even more. I got better mileage in the truck I traded in for this car. Mechanically it is solid. But trim pieces fade fast,paint is easily scratched,hatch release lever has broken 10 times! All 'fixed' under warranty. But now warranty is gone,and minor things are wearing fast. Nothing major,yet. Kind of fun to drive. Easy to add options that 99% other Aveos don't have. Like FACTORY side molding, tint,aftermarket wheel covers,and graphics kits. Easy to park,and lots of storage in the HB.

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Wallet Saver

G8rB8t, 06/22/2010
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Great little car. I drive 116 miles a day and given that this car has nothing, and I mean nothing to it, it does the job well. I can live without the AC and the AM/FM radio is par but works and helps me survive the commute. The sole purpose of this car was as a commuter for work and nothing more and it does just that. Currently have filled the tank 20 times and am averaging 35.7 MPG. I am a spirited driver so I am sure others could do much better if they don't average 10 mph over the limit like I do.

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It is what it is

That guy, 07/01/2010
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I have a 90 mile a day round trip commute and bought this when gas was over$4 a gal. This is an economy car. They only thing I like about it is that I am 6'2" 300 lbs and I fit into it fine. Otherwise this is a cheap car with cheap features. The factory alarm get buggy and goes off for no reason at times. I've had no major problems but the tires are so small that there can be big problems when potholes are everywhere.

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Great gas mileage Key Stuck

bionicguru, 07/27/2010
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I easily get the 35 miles per US gallon stated in the heat of the summer but only about 30 mpg in winter. If you get the sport package the cheapest tires i could find were $166 each. My key did get stuck and would not come out. This was a bad solenoid in the shifter assembly and was covered under the powertrain warranty. If this happens to you You can remove the key by pushing the shifter all the way to the left and turning the key at the same time and the key will release.

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