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Two Interior Features That Make the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class So Good

Two Interior Features That Make the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class So Good

The Comfortable Get Comfortabler

  • Where do you even put 30 speakers?
  • Behold the seats de résistance.

Many vehicles are coming standard with features and equipment that used to exist only in the domain of luxury cars. But simply adding open-pore wood, brushed metal surfaces and leather-wrapped everything doesn't make your average family sedan luxurious. True luxury is found in the details, refinement and comfort that the interior bestows upon its occupants.

The redesigned 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues this tradition across the board, but two features in particular stand out. Let's take a look at what sets the optional audio systems apart — and why the seats are probably going to be incredibly comfortable.

Watt Now?

On paper, the base audio system doesn't seem fitting for a luxury car that starts around $100K since it offers only nine speakers and a mere 125 watts of power. Our experience with standard Mercedes-Benz audio systems suggests that this will be more than adequate for most buyers, but it's certainly nothing to write home about. The optional Burmester audio systems, however, are a different story. Based on the Burmesters we've listened to in our testing, the 2021 S-Class' optional systems should be fairly mind-blowing.

One step up from the base system is the Burmester 3D. This system features 15 speakers — two of which are in the headliner — and 710 watts of power. If the base setup is plenty for most people, we calculate that this one multiplies "plenty" by a factor of five.

But the Burmester high-end 4D system is where it's at if nothing short of bonkers will do. With a whopping 1,750 watts, it drives 30 speakers and includes headrest-mounted speakers and resonators in the seats to help transmit that thump ... to your rump.

We had the chance to sample a similar high-end Burmester offering in the outgoing S-Class, and we could simply not shut up about how clear, punchy and powerful it sounded with a variety of musical styles. We think it's safe to say this new top-of-the-line system is going to be fairly amazing.

You're Gonna Want These Seats in Your House

Seat comfort is a very personal thing, so the best seats generally have a wide range of adjustments. The previous-generation S-Class already offered outstanding seats for both front and rear passengers, but Mercedes looks to improve on them (somehow) for this new generation of S-Class.

When properly equipped, the front seats have no fewer than 19 adjustability motors apiece, as well as four vibration motors for massage functions and five for the cooling fans. A motor for the inflatable side bolsters resides in the trunk. The rear seats, meanwhile, have three configurations: a standard bench, Comfort Seats that offer up to 37 degrees of recline, and Executive Seats that feature up to 43.5 degrees of recline. There's also the option of heated rear headrests, as well as massage functions similar to those for front passengers.

Edmunds Says

There's a multitude of reasons why the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will likely be one of the best and most comfortable cars you can buy. If you want to keep up with all the interesting and important features of this flagship vehicle, stay tuned to Edmunds' 2021 S-Class page.