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The Tesla Supercharger Network Is Officially Open to Everyone

Great news for drivers of any EV

All Tesla models in a front-oriented group photo
  • Tesla announced that its Supercharger network is open to everyone.
  • That means any non-Tesla can charge at the country's most reliable network.
  • Provided, of course, the Supercharger features a "magic dock."

Tesla's official Twitter has just announced that its Superchargers are available to all EV owners. After the White House announced a few weeks ago that Tesla would open up its charging network to other EVs, Tesla — which has no traditional PR department and relies heavily on Twitter to do most of its major announcements — made it official as of today.

There is a catch, however. For now, there are only a few Tesla Supercharger stations that feature what the company is calling the "magic dock." For the uninitiated, Teslas use a proprietary plug to charge their cars, while most other automakers use a combined charging system or CCS plug and socket. A magic dock has a built-in CCS plug and the user can unlock the plug via the Tesla app.

You'll have to download the Tesla app on your phone and select the "Charge your non-Tesla" option. The app will prompt you to push the Tesla charger in and when the charging cable pops out of the charge station, out with it comes the CCS adapter. It looks relatively seamless, and for Tesla owners the process hasn't changed. There's also the question of cost, and right now Tesla is charging non-Tesla owners a higher rate than its own customers, according to MotorTrend. There is also a $12.99 a month membership, which unlocks the rate that Tesla owners are charged while they, well, charge. Right now the difference reportedly amounts to 10 cents per kWh.

Right now there are only 10 magic docks currently open, but Tesla plans on launching new ones and retrofitting old Supercharger stations with the new dock in the near future. We'll be sure to test a magic dock and report back on the cost, user experience, and charge speeds once one is installed near us.

Edmunds says

If you aren't a Tesla owner, this is an exciting development that will make charging just that much less of a headache.