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2025 Polestar 4 front three-quarter view

The Sexy All-New Polestar 4 Isn't Just Another Electric SUV

Polestar 4 debuts at Shanghai Auto Show as the brand's quickest production vehicle to date

  • The Polestar 4 is the new fully electric performance SUV from the brand.
  • Coupe-like styling and performance chops clearly separate it from the Polestar 3.
  • It's the new fastest vehicle in the Polestar lineup.

Quickly following the debut and launch of its first electric SUV, the Polestar 3, Volvo's all-electric sibling announced another new model at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. The 2025 Polestar 4 is a sultry new performance crossover with coupe-like styling. Its sleek, sloped roofline is low, sporty and dynamic, like a hot hatch, but its elevated ride height matches that of an SUV. Larger than a Polestar 2 but smaller than a Polestar 3, the Polestar 4 will also sit between the two in terms of price (it starts around $60,000) and will serve as the automaker's quickest production vehicle.

2025 Polestar 4 profile

What's under the Polestar 4's hood?

The Polestar 4 will be available in both single-and dual-motor versions. If explosive acceleration isn't a priority, you can spec a single rear motor placed at the rear axle. It produces a relatively modest 272 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque but should provide decent acceleration. It is an EV after all, and the immediate hit of torque will ensure it won't get dusted off the line.

But the dual-motor pack is where it's at. Boasting a 0-60 mph sprint time in under 3.8 seconds, the all-wheel-drive Polestar 4 produces a whopping 544 hp and 506 lb-ft. These dual-motor versions will also provide semi-active suspension features and can be tweaked to provide a more comfortable or sporty ride.

Both powertrains tap into a battery pack with 102 kWh of capacity. Polestar says the single-motor version, which will likely be the more efficient option, is targeted to achieve 300 miles of range on a full charge — a claim we'll put to the test once we get the Polestar 4 in for testing. Even the AWD version attempts efficiency gains by disconnecting the front motor under light loads.

On the charging front, the Polestar 4 can charge at speeds up to 200 kW when connected to a DC charger and a relatively speedy 22 kW when utilizing AC. Bidirectional charging and vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability mean that your Polestar 4 can even charge your external devices for you.

2025 Polestar 4 interior in profile

How's the Polestar 4's interior?

Polestar keeps things clean and stylish inside the Polestar 4 with an interior as Scandinavian as you can get. A soothing "mono material approach" is applied to the cabin, which means that layers of certain components merge together seamlessly via shared materials. Not only does it all flow together, but these materials allow these components to be more efficiently recycled as well.

But there’s something pretty big missing in the Polestar 4: There’s no rear window, folks. This isn’t a joke. If you can recall, Polestar previously released a concept car called the Precept. The Precept was also shown with no rear window. Polestar's head of design, Maximilian Missoni, says: "With Polestar Precept we previewed a stunning new occupant experience by removing the rear window and pushing the rear header, which plays an integral safety role, further back. This means that rear occupants can now have a unique experience in our SUV coupe." We remain skeptical, but call our interest piqued — will a ride inside the Polestar’s rear-windowless cabin be sick? Or will it make us sick?

How's the Polestar 4's tech?

Polestar provides a unique experience for all kinds of drivers, whether an EV newbie or a full-on tech-head. By way of its superb Google integration, Polestar's infotainment system should be very familiar to lots of drivers. Just like every other model in the lineup, the Polestar 4's infotainment system becomes an extension of your phone — hello, Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play! It's so easy that once you connect your phone to the car, the large 15.4-inch landscape-oriented touchscreen is just like another mobile device. Trust us, Apple fans — even though CarPlay is still available, you may find yourself a Google convert.

Audiophiles can upgrade to a Harman Kardon audio system with 12 speakers, 1,400-watt channel-hybrid amplifier, and an additional optional two front-seat headrest speakers.

2025 Polestar 4 front view

Edmunds says

The 2025 Polestar 4 is big on style and even bigger on performance, but this particular SUV won't be for everybody. While its interior space is meant to mimic traditional SUV proportions as closely as possible, the low-slung roofline and various other sporty design details will take their tolls on the Polestar 4’s available cargo space. We look forward to getting this high-end performance model on our testing track and putting this cool new EV through its paces.