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2022 BMW iX front

The 2022 BMW iX Is the Newest Addition to Our Long-Term Fleet

We have a year and 20,000 miles to find out if BMW's latest electric vehicle is a winner

  • The 2022 BMW iX is the company's latest EV.
  • It went 377 miles on a single charge in Edmunds' real-world test.
  • And this SUV is seriously luxury-forward.

The 2022 BMW iX is the German automaker's first new EV since the i3 debuted in 2014. And while the iX has plenty in common with the X5, this all-electric SUV feels entirely new. That, and the impressive 377-mile range we observed on Edmunds' real-world test loop, is why we had to get one for our long-term fleet.

We'll be testing this 2022 BMW iX xDrive50, on loan to us from BMW, for a year and will put 20,000 miles on the odometer. We plan to test its range in a variety of real-world applications, see how well its luxe interior holds up over time, and find out if it's possible to get used to its front fascia.

2022 BMW iX badge detail

Our BMW iX's specs

Our iX is equipped with a staggering number of optional features. The starting price of the iX is $84,195, including destination, and quickly balloons from there. Our iX is equipped with: the Dynamic Handling package ($1,600), adding a two-axle air suspension; the Luxury package ($1,150), bequeathing us with a walnut console and glass controls; the Premium package ($4,000), which includes massaging front seats, an interior camera, an automated parking system, gesture controls, a 360-degree parking camera and, as a treat, an upgraded Bowers & Wilkins sound system ($3,400); and finally, the Sport package ($2,800), which allows us to upgrade to 22-inch wheels ($950).

Other additions include the Radiant Heating package ($950) consisting of heated armrests and door panels; Active Driving Assistant Pro ($1,700) with adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping system; adaptive laser headlights ($1,000) and Stonegray microfiber upholstery. As was the case with our long-term BMW X3, the iX does not offer passenger lumbar control due to the ongoing chip shortage. That took the price down by $175 for a grand total of $102,070 MSRP. Whew.

2022 BMW iX dashboard

BMW iX boasts new tech

This is one of BMW's first vehicles to feature its all-new iDrive system. The iX's air of luxury, starting with the walnut dash and glass controls, carries over to its massive screen as well. But it's not just the size of the screen that is impressive; it displays information clearly and its integration with Android Auto is spectacular. We're less enamored by its Apple CarPlay integration, but we look forward to messing about with all the iX's new tech-focused toys.

That includes a Bowers & Wilkins sound system that impressed during initial testing. One of its nifty features is something called "4D bass," which vibrates the driver's seat in concert with your music. Our iX also features a whole suite of advanced driver aids, including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot assistance and rear cross-traffic warning.

2022 BMW iX wheel

Edmunds says

The technology, range and luxury components of the BMW iX make it one of the most enticing vehicles in our long-term fleet. Stay tuned to see if we're as excited about it in 12 months as we are right now.