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Tesla Adds Entry-Level Model S and X With Less Range and Slower Acceleration

Tesla lowers the cost of entry to its top EVs with new Standard Range trims

Tesla Model S
  • New Standard Range trim for Model S and X lowers the price of entry to Tesla's top-tier EVs.
  • Standard Range models have slower acceleration and less range than the previous base versions.
  • Prices stand at $80,130 (including destination) for the Model S and $90,130 for the Model X.

Tesla has cut the base price of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV by adding a new Standard Range trim with less range and slower acceleration. Per Tesla’s website, the Model S Standard Range starts at $80,130 including destination. The Model X now starts at $90,130. The Model S’ electric range for this Standard Range trim is now a quoted 320 miles, and the X Standard Range stands at 269 miles. Range for the unnamed midtier Model S and X trims is unchanged, at 405 and 348 miles, respectively.

Acceleration numbers are less drastically affected, with claimed 0-60 mph times falling by 0.6 second for each vehicle. The Model S Standard Range is quoted by Tesla as having a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds while the X Standard Range takes 4.4 seconds to blitz to 60 mph. Both the S and X still feature a range-topping Plaid variant, which cuts the 0-60 time to an Edmunds-verified 2.3 seconds for the sedan and 2.7 seconds for the SUV.

Data from Automotive News via Experian shows that Model S registrations have dropped 55% from January 2023 to June 2023 compared to that window last year. The Model X is more resilient, with registrations dipping 5.8% over the same time period. Despite the sales crunch, Tesla is still riding high in the EV segment. Experian's data shows Tesla’s Model Y and 3 electric vehicles still hold the first and second greatest number of registrations over the first two quarters of this year. AN reports that Tesla also cut prices by the equivalent of $1,935 for two Model Y variants in China.

The Model S now undercuts a handful of its largest competitors. Our top-rated EV in the segment, the Porsche Taycan, starts at $92,550 with 208 miles of range from the standard battery. However, the Lucid Air Pure is now priced very similarly, starting at $83,975 with 410 miles of range (and a presumably less expensive single-motor version is on the way). Competitors to the Model X include the significantly more expensive Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, which starts at $105,550 and offers 305 miles of range

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Edmunds says

Tesla continues to be a commanding leader in the EV space even as sales of its range-topping models begin to cool. The lower price points for the Model S and X are likely to entice buyers who don't need the fastest EV on the block.