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Stellantis Recalls 32,000 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrids for Fire Risk

Jeep is recalling 2021-2024 4xe models for fire risk, asking customers not to charge their cars

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  • Jeep recalls more than 31,000 Wrangler 4xe models for fire risk.
  • Stellantis has not said what the cause is but asks customers not to charge their vehicles.
  • The fix is a simple software update for some and a whole new battery pack for others.

Just before Thanksgiving, Stellantis issued a recall for 32,125 2021-2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrids due to fire risk. Jeep is asking customers not to charge their batteries and to park their cars outside away from other objects. While customers are asked not to charge their 4xes, they can still drive them. Stellantis’ statement says eight vehicles have caught fire, all while parked. However, six were also plugged in and charging at the time of the fire.

While Stellantis doesn’t go into the cause of the issue, the brand says the fix is a quick software flash. In most cases, that is. If, however, Stellantis detects “a certain error code” the battery pack will be replaced. It appears, for now, that Stellantis is handling this solo, but a recall summary on the NHTSA website says owner notification letters are expected to go out in January. In the meantime, owners can check their VIN against the recall database to see if their vehicle is affected.

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Edmunds says

If you have a Wranlger 4xe, checking your VIN should help give you some peace of mind.