The Polestar Precept Will Become the Polestar 5 by 2024

The Polestar Precept Will Become the Polestar 5 by 2024

One more EV sedan to enter the fray

  • The Polestar Precept concept is going into production.
  • The production version will be called the Polestar 5.
  • It's set to arrive in 2024.

Breaking into the automotive industry is no small job, but it's safe to say Polestar is on the right track. Its first two cars, the Polestar 1 and 2, were merely hints as to what was coming down the pike. The big news, for a time, was what would become of the Polestar Precept concept, a low-slung EV sedan with a new take on the Polestar design language.

Now we know the Polestar Precept is going to become the Polestar 5, an "electric performance 4-door Grand Touring car," in the words of the automaker. It's not due until 2024, because right now Polestar's focus is on the Polestar 3, a Volvo XC90-sized SUV with a raked roof. That car is due sometime in 2022, with the 5 coming sometime after that car has made its full debut.

The image that Polestar revealed with the announcement of the "5" name shows a much more muscular design language. The hard lines and boxy looks of the Polestar 2 have been ditched in favor of a more curvaceous design. Polestar says that some of these new cues will appear on the Polestar 3 SUV that's due next year, but the Polestar 5 will really be able to emphasize the new design language thanks to its smaller proportions and lower stance.

Polestar's Precept concept also had one heck of an interior space. The seats were made out of what the company calls 3D knit, which is a blend of fibers made from 100% recycled PET bottles, and some of the interior panels were made, with sustainability in mind, from organic fibers. There were two digital displays, a 15-inch portrait-oriented unit that served as the infotainment display and a horizontal 12.5-inch digital driver's display. The Precept even featured suicide doors. We hope that some, if not all, of these neat touches feature in the production car.

As for what Polestar means by a "performance" grand tourer, it's difficult to say for sure right now. 2024 is still a long way off, and the nascent automaker said it's working to achieve "a balance between sensational design and engineering requirements." In any case, we're glad that the Precept is coming to life, and we can't wait to see the final product.

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We have just one problem with the Polestar 5: Why do we have to wait so long?

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