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A New Tesla Model X Won't Be Available Until October

What's the holdup?

  • If you ordered a Model X today, the earliest you'd likely get it is October of this year.
  • But that's for the Plaid model. A standard Model X is a full year away.
  • Luckily, there are a few competent alternatives on the market.

If you want a shiny new Tesla Model X, you're going to have to wait a while. A quick perusal of the Tesla website recently revealed that the Model X won't be available until October of this year at the absolute earliest. But that's for the top-spec Plaid model. If you want the standard Model X, you're going to have to wait until 2023.

Since Tesla dissolved its PR department years ago, we don't know why the Model X is currently unavailable until October, but it is fair to assume that Tesla's least popular model is simply not at the top of its list of priorities. That said, why Tesla went through the trouble of giving the Model X a hefty refresh in the middle of last year just to delay the car until the end of 2022 is somewhat baffling. It's likely that, despite the face-lift, the Model 3 and Model Y carry the bulk of the order books and the people who do want a new Model X are content with waiting.

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The post-refresh Model X comes in two trims. The first is just called the Model X and offers up to 348 miles of range on a single charge according to the EPA, but you'll want to be sure to spec the smaller, 20-inch wheels if you want that kind of range. That car starts at $109,490, while the top-spec Plaid model starts at $124,490. Going Plaid gets you three electric motors, 1,020 peak horsepower and a 0-60 time of a claimed 2.5 seconds (with 1-foot rollout subtracted). Plaid models can get up to 333 miles of range on a single charge, according to the EPA.

Even though you can't get a Model X in the near future, there are plenty of alternatives that we here at Edmunds recommend taking a look at if an EV SUV tops your wishlist. Here are a few EVs we think would suit any potential Model X buyer almost perfectly.

1) Tesla Model Y

Luckily the Model X isn't the only SUV Tesla makes, and the Model Y probably offers more bang for the buck if space isn't absolutely paramount. Long Range models will do well over 300 miles on a single charge and the Model Y costs almost $50,000 less than a Model X. You don't get falcon-wing doors, but we're hoping that isn't a deal-breaker for you.

2) Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai came out swinging with the new Ioniq 5. It looks like it's straight off an auto show stand, is great to drive, and is more comfortable than the other EVs in its class. In our testing, the big-battery AWD Ioniq 5 managed to do 270 miles on a single charge, beating the EPA's initial 256-mile estimate. It's also quite a bit cheaper, starting at $40,925 before a $7,500 tax credit is applied.

3) Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mach-E is a great effort from Ford. It's good to drive, offers up to 300 miles of EV range, and provides more storage space than the aforementioned Hyundai. If you can get over the fact that it's called a Mustang, this EV is worth taking a long look at.

Wildcard: Rivian R1T

It's not an SUV, and the R1S is on the way, but we still think the Rivian R1T is a special EV. It won our Edmunds Top Rated Editors' Choice award this year because it's capable, likable and exceptionally well built. It also offers plenty of range, a decently sized bed, and still costs less than a Model X.

Edmunds says

If you were dead set on a Model X, this news would be a bummer. But if you're willing to look elsewhere, there are plenty of great EVs already roaming the roads.

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