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Porsche Is Going to Add a New Luxury Electric SUV Above the Cayenne

Porsche Is Going to Add a New Luxury Electric SUV Above the Cayenne

What do you think they're going to call the new SUV?

  • A new Porsche is on the way, but it isn't a sports car.
  • The new SUV will be entirely electric and its most luxurious model.
  • We don't necessarily have a due date, but it will slot in above the Cayenne.

Porsche already has an electric vehicle in the Taycan, and it has quickly become one of the brand's most popular offerings. As of now the Taycan is the automaker's only EV, but we know the Macan, the smaller of its two SUVs, is going fully electric for its next generation. But it looks like Porsche is planning something entirely new and entirely electric to add to the lineup.

During Porsche's Capital Markets Day, where brand representatives talk about their market performance and future outlook, Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume announced an all-new luxury electric SUV. "We plan to add a new luxury all-electric SUV model to our attractive portfolio, which will roll off the production line in Leipzig. This will further expand our position in the luxury automotive segment," Blume said Monday.


That's all the company is saying for now, however. It might appear that, given the hefty price tags most Porsches carry, all of its models could be seen as luxury cars, but the truth is Porsche's focus has always leaned toward sportiness. But it looks like the plan is to expand its lineup into far more luxurious territory. That means this new electric SUV will slot in above the Cayenne in the lineup.

Rumors say that this new car has already been shown to Porsche North America dealers, and some of the information that leaked its way out of those meetings point to an SUV that will be both wider and larger than the Cayenne. We don't think Porsche is interested in building a three-row behemoth, however, and we expect this new EV to be both more luxurious and comfortable than any Porsche that's on sale right now based on Blume's comment that it's "targeting the higher-margin segments in particular."


Edmunds says

We're not sure when we'll see this new super-luxe Porsche SUV, but we expect it to appear no sooner than 2025.