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Mercedes' EV Chargers Set to Open This Fall, Specs Revealed

Mercedes is beginning to roll out its own chargers, some of which will deliver 400 kW

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle charging
  • New Mercedes-Benz charging hubs will open globally in October.
  • The automaker's first U.S. location is in Atlanta.
  • In some locations, chargers will be capable of 400 kW.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mercedes announced it would soon introduce a network of EV chargers in the U.S., with roughly 400 stations and 2,500 chargers planned to be built by 2027. Mercedes just announced the first of its charging hubs will open in Atlanta (along with locations in Chengdu, China, and Mannheim, Germany) this October.

These hubs are a lot like gas stations for EVs, offering amenities and rest areas so drivers can relax while their car charges. Chargers will also offer Plug & Charge for Mercedes-Benz customers — allowing a driver to simply plug into the vehicle without swiping a credit card or opening an app — and the ability to reserve chargers ahead of time, for added convenience. Mercedes also clarified its previous commitment, vowing to create “more than 2,000 Charging Hubs [globally] with over 10,000 charging points by the end of the decade.”

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Mercedes-Benz charging station render

The chargers will deliver up to 400 kW, depending on region, and will charge just about anything thanks to compatibility with both CCS Combo and NACS ports. For reference, only a few EVs are currently able to charge at 350 kW, so it appears Mercedes is future-proofing its new network for ultrafast charging capabilities.

Mercedes says location is important when building its hubs. These will be located at “main traffic areas” and select Mercedes dealers, and they will offer bathrooms, snacks and other niceties. All charging stations will have surveillance cameras, and some will use LEDs to indicate the charging status of vehicles that are plugged in. There will also be canopies to provide shade and protection from the weather.

Edmunds says

We're excited to charge at one of Mercedes' new hubs, which promise an elevated experience compared to chargers in a parking lot. We’re also happy that Mercedes is not restricting these to its buyers alone — letting any EV use a station is necessary for combating range anxiety and ensuring travelers can get to their destinations.