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Buy a 2021 Genesis GV80 Now, or Wait a Year for the GV70?

Buy a 2021 Genesis GV80 Now, or Wait a Year for the GV70?

The Midsize GV80 May Have Already Been Upstaged by Its Smaller Sibling

  • The 2021 GV80 is almost here, but should you wait for the smaller, less expensive GV70?
  • Before you scoff, check out what the GV70 has to offer. It's pretty compelling.

The 2021 Genesis GV80 hasn't even gone on sale yet, but Hyundai's luxury arm just pulled the wraps off a new SUV that might undermine the GV80's sales potential. This new compact crossover will slot below its midsize sibling and carry the moniker GV70, because, well, 70 is less than 80. But is it really? We make the cases for both cars below. 

On the Subject of Room

Bigger is always going to be better when you need maximum utility. If you have a family of tall adults, require extra cargo room, or need a third row of seating, go directly to your local Genesis dealer and reserve a GV80. Though we don't have GV70 interior measurements or cargo figures yet, it's safe to assume that the GV80 will reign supreme on both counts. And while there are some small crossovers with three rows, we don't expect the GV70 will follow suit. If you need room for seven, it's GV80 all day.

Compact SUVs are more spacious than you might think, however, so as long as you won't be shuttling human Sequoias all over town, the GV70 will probably have enough room to suit your lifestyle. As with most things in life, examining your needs honestly could save you a lot of money in the long run.

2022 Genesis GV70.

2022 Genesis GV70.

On the Subject of Performance

We don't know which engines will power the GV70, but we can take an educated guess. The GV80 crossover is positioned similarly to the G80 sedan in terms of size and price, and the two vehicles share an engine lineup. We think the GV70 will follow this precedent, which would make it roughly equal to the compact G70 sedan. The G70 currently offers a choice of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines, and either should scoot the GV70 along just fine.

The G70's 3.3-liter V6 is slightly smaller and less powerful than the G80's 3.5-liter unit, but this is inconsequential in terms of performance because the G70 is so much smaller and lighter. It's also far more nimble and enjoyable to drive. Extrapolate this to the SUV variants, and you can conclude that the GV70 should be quicker and more sprightly than the hulking GV80. And because the GV70's presumptive 3.3-liter V6 will be turbocharged, achieving output that matches or exceeds that of the GV80 3.5T should be just an easy retune away.

On the Subject of Luxury

The GV80's interior is nothing short of stunning. With knurled metal switchgear and quilted leather upholstery, the GV80 feels like it should cost more than it does. The GV70 will be more budget-friendly, but it does carry a similar design to its bigger brother. Though you'll likely see more run-of-the-mill plastics in the GV70's cabin, our experience with the least expensive Genesis — the G70 — suggests that this brand doesn't skimp on the interior even if you don't pay top dollar. While the two SUVs may not match up exactly, we fully expect the GV70 to earn its luxury status.

Edmunds Says

The GV80's paint hasn't even dried yet, and Genesis is already previewing the next SUV in its lineup — the smaller, less expensive GV70. Although the GV80 maximizes room and undoubtedly ups the luxury factor, the GV70 will appeal to a broader audience and probably be a bit more fun to drive. Stay tuned to Edmunds' GV80 and GV70 pages for the latest on the growing Genesis SUV family.