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Edmunds Top Rated Car: 2023 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Is the Edmunds Top Rated Car for 2023

Once again, the Civic leads the way in its class

  • The Honda Civic is the Edmunds Top Rated Car for 2023.
  • This is the Civic's second Top Rated win in a row, and we're not surprised.
  • What makes it so good? Practically everything, but we've got the details below.

You know the Honda Civic by now. You probably can't go a day without seeing one on the road. It's been a ubiquitous compact since it first hit our shores more than 50 years ago. But what you might not know is just how excellent the current 11th-generation Civic is. We do, and that's why it's won Edmunds Top Rated Car honors for the second year in a row.

So what makes the Civic just so much better than the rest of its class? The first thing is obvious when you walk up to it: design. It's clean, sleek, and looks like a car that's much more expensive than it is. Whereas the last Civic looked like a crab on wheels, the 11th-generation car looks like something from a luxury manufacturer. You could say Honda was playing it safe in terms of design, but we think it looks great and it will age well.

The same is true for the bright interior space. Its clean, low dash is clutter-free and the infotainment screen might look like it's perched right in your eye line, but it does a good job of staying out of the way when you're driving and it's easy to navigate when you do use it. Honda nailed the primary controls, too. The buttons, switches and dials all feel like they're a cut above the rest of the class. Everything, once again, has an expensive feel to it that belies the Civic's price tag.

2023 Honda Civic interior

But what really makes the Civic the Edmunds Top Rated Car winner is the way it drives. Honda managed to find a balance between comfortable and competent in the corners, and the Civic is a car we'd happily drive every single day without hesitation. It's refined, easy to live with, and a great value. How can you beat that? We'd certainly like to see Honda's rivals try.

2023 Honda Civic exterior

Edmunds says

Two years in a row for the Civic is a strong statement. It goes to show just how right Honda got the 11th-generation Civic. Will it keep its crown next year? We'll find out soon enough. For right now, let's let the Civic enjoy its top step on the podium. Click here to read more about why the Civic is the Edmunds Top Rated Car and to find out other Edmunds Top Rated winners.