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The All-Electric 2024 Chevy Silverado Is Coming in Early 2022

The All-Electric 2024 Chevy Silverado Is Coming in Early 2022

January 5, 2022. CES. Be there (or watch online).

  • The all-electric Chevy Silverado is coming.
  • The debut will come at CES in January.
  • Expect a new look, a fresh interior and EV-only features including four-wheel steer.

Rivian, Ford and Hummer have all thrown their hats into the EV ring, and now it's Chevrolet's turn. Today the bow-tie brand announced that the all-electric Silverado will make its debut on January 5, 2022, at CES in Las Vegas.

While details are still mostly under wraps, you don't have to look very hard to find some clues as to what might lie under the EV Silverado's skin. Hummer lives under the same GM umbrella as Chevrolet does, and the Hummer EV pickup truck (and by extension the SUV) might have some answers as to what might power the upcoming electric Silverado.

While the Hummer truck doesn't use the Silverado's architecture, the motors and battery tech found in the Hummer will likely make their way to Chevy's pickup. Expect a version of GM's Ultium battery tech that's been adapted to fit the Silverado's smaller footprint.

We also got a good look at the Silverado's massive wheels, unique taillights, new side skirts and its new four-wheel steer feature in a teaser earlier this year. In an even more recent teaser, we got a glimpse of what looks to be a massive new infotainment screen in front of the driver — even bigger than the one found on the refreshed 2022 Silverado — and the large glass roof panel that Chevrolet plans on shipping the EV Silverado with.

Edmunds says

We'll have to wait for the rest of the details to trickle out as the EV Silverado's unveiling gets closer, but it's safe to say the EV truck wars are full on. We can't wait to see who comes out on top.