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All-Electric 2024 BMW i5 Teased Before October Reveal

Eighth-gen 5 Series and all-electric i5 variant will debut this fall

2024 BMW i5 front
  • A new purely electric BMW i5 — based on the 5 Series — is on the way.
  • The model will come as part of a much larger eighth-generation refresh for the entire 5 Series lineup.
  • BMW will reveal the updated 5er in October 2023.

BMW will reveal an all-new, all-electric variant of the 5 Series later this year. The automaker posted a single teaser image of the newest addition to Munich's electrified lineup earlier today. It'll be called the i5, and it'll be part of a much larger eighth-generation redesign for the BMW 5 Series. For now, BMW has little to say about the particulars but did share that the brand's new Operating System 8.5 user interface would be on board. On top of that, the new BMW Curved Display seen in the iX and several other recently refreshed BMWs will make an appearance here, as well as "innovative digital services."

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2024 BMW 5 Series profile

The new 5 Series will pack three powertrains thanks to "flexible powertrain architecture," according to BMW. Those powertrains are, of course, the electric layout for the i5, a plug-in hybrid, and a gas engine paired with a 48-volt mild hybrid system.

Circling back to the i5, BMW will offer an M Performance version, with the automaker looking to follow the path blazed by the i4 M50. CEO Oliver Zipse says that "the all-electric BMW i4 M50 shows how BMW blends dynamic performance and electric mobility to perfection." Zipse continues, saying, "It was the best-selling BMW M model worldwide in 2022. A fully electric Performance model from BMW M GmbH will also be included in the new BMW 5 Series lineup."

Edmunds says

BMW doesn't have much to say about its new i5, but the midsize sedan will face stiff competition from Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and other luxury EV makers. However, with plenty of power on tap (we expect the M Performance i5 will exceed the i4 M50's max of 536 hp), the i5 should be a hoot from behind the wheel.

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