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2025 Mini Cooper EV First Look: More Range to Play

A charming little car with big potential

2025 Mini Cooper EV front
  • Mini’s fourth-generation Cooper is completely redesigned inside and out with modern looks and new tech.
  • Just like before, we expect the Cooper to offer gas and electric powertrain options.
  • The EV has a bigger battery pack, and we suspect a potential range of around 220 miles.
  • As of now, the Cooper EV is not confirmed for the U.S. market, though that could change before its on-sale date next year.

The 2025 Mini Cooper EV looks to be a major improvement over the car it replaces. It looks better, drives quite a bit farther and offers a totally revamped interior with fresh technology. There’s just one problem … Mini hasn’t committed to bringing the all-electric Cooper to the States. At least not yet.

We got an early first look at the new Cooper EV a few weeks ago in Germany, where Mini gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how the brand’s most iconic vehicle went through an extensive redesign. After poking around the new Mini Cooper, we think it has the right stuff to make a real impact in the U.S. market should Mini decide to make that happen.

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Fixing the problem

We’ve reviewed the current Mini Cooper EV (or the Mini Cooper SE Electric Hardtop 2 Door, to use Mini's nomenclature) and put it through our Edmunds real-world range test. Though we beat the 114-mile EPA range estimate and traveled 150 miles before running out of juice, the reality is that an EV with less than 200 miles of range is simply a non-starter for some shoppers. Mini is addressing those concerns with the new car, and early estimates show a promising increase in range.

The all-electric version of the 2025 Mini Cooper will have two trims, E and SE. The entry-level model uses a 40.7-kWh battery pack with a single motor on the front axle. It has 184 horsepower and 214 lb-ft of torque and achieved a range estimate of 189 miles in the European WLTP testing cycle. We’re more interested in the SE model and its bigger 54.2-kWh battery, 218 hp and all-wheel drive. That car scored a 250-mile range estimate in its WLTP test. It’s worth noting that our domestic EPA testing regularly returns smaller range estimates, but even these preliminary numbers show improvement.

Mini has also boosted the Cooper’s charging capabilities, though it’s a small step forward. The new Cooper E can accommodate a charging rate up to 75 kW, while the SE and its larger pack can take on 95 kW. Though the max rates are far lower than other EVs, the Cooper's small pack means that you can charge from 10% to 80% in a little under 30 minutes.

2025 Mini Cooper EV rear

A not-so-Mini makeover

Beyond the hardware upgrades, the new Cooper EV is packed with fun design elements that add to (what we think) is the the best-looking car that Mini has made in quite some time. It feels more sophisticated but maintains the quirky excitement that people love to associate with the brand. Check out the first video to see our favorite detail up close in the taillights.

Mini spent even more time revamping the Cooper’s interior, including adding a new tech suite. The circular OLED display is a more modern take on the prior car’s infotainment system. It includes the basics you’d expect like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but goes further with built-in apps such as Spotify. And with adjustable driver profiles, you can select which information you want displayed at given time, with a surprising degree of customization.

2025 Mini Cooper EV interior

The Cooper and related Countryman SUV will debut a new interior design ethos. It’s a more simple approach that removes some of the fussiness and incongruous details from the current Minis, and at least to our eye, is a huge step forward. The overall dash layout harkens back to the brand’s original models, with a huge single piece of woven fabric that spans the entire width of the interior. Below the aforementioned circular screen is a row of toggle switches to control the climate system and other functions. It’s all very functional and easy to figure out.

But it’s the liveliness inside that really caught our attention. The Cooper we sat in featured a dark gray dash that complemented the white seats well. Even the ambient lighting is unique, projected onto sections of the dash and configurable depending on which mode the car is in. Not having a gauge cluster ahead of the driver might be a deal-breaker for some, but the optional head-up display helps remedy that. We’ll dig into that further we when we get to review the new Mini in full.

2025 Mini Cooper EV profile

Edmunds says

We big fans of what Mini has done with the new Cooper EV and hope to see it on the road here at some point.

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