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Audi's New S3 Gets More Power and a More Clever Chassis

The Audi S3 gets some RS 3-inspired touch-ups for 2025

2024 Audi S3
  • Audi gives the 2025 S3 the RS 3's torque-splitting differential for oversteering fun.
  • The new S3 also benefits from more power and bigger brakes.
  • Audi hasn't said yet when the update will reach American shores.

Sometimes, good things do trickle down from the top. That’s certainly the case for the 2025 Audi S3, which benefits from a handful of revisions including more power and the RS 3’s clever torque-splitting rear differential. Audi has also teased some visual updates to complete the face-lift package, but we’ll have to wait until a U.S.-spec car is shown for these updates to be fully realized.

Even though we'll have to wait until next year, we're glad to see the changes make the S3 more powerful. A 22-horsepower and 15 lb-ft boost from last year bring total output to 328 hp and 310 lb-ft. The seven-speed automatic transmission also gets quicker shift times, and 0-60 mph runs will take 4.7 seconds. The new S3 should also be faster stopping from 60 mph thanks to some larger front brakes. 

Like the RS 3, the S3’s new rear end now uses the same twin-clutch pack system to enable Dynamic Plus mode, sending more power to the outside rear wheel to induce oversteer. You probably won't be able to drift the S3 like a proper rear-wheel-drive machine, but you'll at least suffer from less of the infamous Audi understeer. Audi has made further changes to the S3, adding retuned steering and more aggressive negative camber angles at the front wheels. Also new for 2025 are available Falken summer tires.

Aesthetically, it isn’t hard to peer past the camo and spot some visual changes. Audi has clearly redesigned the grille with new inlets, as well as some new lights. In the back, there are new vents at the bumper, and the diffuser has been redone as well, though the S3’s taillights appear unchanged.

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2025 Audi S3 display

Edmunds says

We’ll have to wait to see if the power figures are preserved when U.S.-spec S3s arrive later this year, but overall the changes look to make the already potent S3 even more so.