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2005 Land Rover Range Rover SUV Pictures

2005 Land Rover Range Rover in Maya Gold Metallic 2005 Land Rover Range Rover in Java Black Pearlescent 2005 Land Rover Range Rover in Tonga Green Pearlescent Land Rover's Terrain Response system made short work of this river crossing. Weaver tried not to think about the consequences of getting stuck.<br /> Bangkok at night is exactly as you think it is. <br /> Ex-U.S. military vehicles are a reminder of Laos' secret war. The ravages of time have taken their toll on some.<br /> Range Rover Sport is the best Land Rover yet for on-road dynamics. It's not as good to drive as a BMW X5, but it's not far off.<br /> Put-Put taxis are a way of life in Bangkok. Their two-stroke motors contribute to a heady cocktail of dirt, noise and pollution. <br /> Crossing the Nam Lik River was one of the trip's high points. This ferry is open 24/7, but handles only a few vehicles each day. <br /> Orangey earth tracks contrast with lush green vegetation of the Laotian landscape. Land Rover looks/feels at home here.<br /> Friendship Bridge links Laos with Thailand. The contrast between the two countries is stark — it's like stepping forward in time. <br /> Command driving position offers a great view out. Cabin architecture is one of this car's best features.<br /> Laos is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.<br /> Care for a swap? Local $1,000 Put-Puts are not quite in the same league as a $56,750 Range Rover Sport. <br /> Massage is what Thailand is famous/infamous for. Some are excellent and not all are offered with a happy ending. <br /> The Tak-Tak is a multipurpose tool, serving as transportation, generator, water pump and plow. Weaver laments the absence of power steering/air conditioning. <br /> This is not some trendy new vodka cocktail, this is a petrol pump, Laos-style. <br /> It's famous for its sex trade, but Bangkok is actually a culturally interesting capital city.<br />
2005 Land Rover Range Rover
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