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2007 Ferrari F430 Pictures

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2007 Ferrari F430 Spider Taillamp Detail The Ferrari has a Lotus-like ability to combine a surprisingly comfortable ride with good high-speed body control. There's an echo in here. Push at your own risk. 2006 Ferrari F430 2dr Coupe 2005 Ferrari 430 2dr Coupe You've got to love Italy. 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible Ferrari is recalling nearly 2,000 of its F430 Spiders to fix a hose problem. The recall affects 2005-'07 models. You've got to love Italy. En route to Florence — great roads and sensational scenery make for an awesome drive. There are engines that sound more cultured — the Aston V12 is one — but few can match a Ferrari V8 for aural drama. With the roof down and the V8 singing joyously behind our ears, it's a seminal day's motoring. You've got to love Italy. Leaving the Ferrari factory in Modena. In Italy, a Ferrari is royalty and Maranello is its castle. Ferrari's F1 box has improved beyond recognition in recent years. In the new F430 Scuderia, it promises to shift in just 60 milliseconds, down from 150 milliseconds. This monument is the only reference to this road's former status as a racetrack. The F430 is not just a great engine and a great badge; it is also a great sports car.
2007 Ferrari F430