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VW stands for VERY WORST!

Joel M, 09/16/2017
Komfort 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I bought my 2010 VW Passat (2.0T TSI) used about 9 months ago. I did not buy it from a VW dealership, but did my homework and saw that all maintenance was consistent and up to date. It rode nice and and was okay for comfort and the body and engine looked to be in good shape. Blue Book value at the time was about $8200 and I picked it up for $8000. Within 3 months, I noticed a coolant leak. I took it to a VW mechanic (not the dealership) who told me the auxiliary water pump casing had cracked. There are two water pumps on this vehicle and both are plastic. So I had the water pump replaced at a cost of about $600. About 2 weeks later, I have another coolant leak. this time it is the main water pump. Another $600 out the door. The mechanic told me he has been seeing this problem with all VW TSI engines from the years 2009 - 2011. The problem, as he can figure, is that there is a seal between the pump and the block. The design VW has makes sure a piece of this seal is sticking up. When oil contacts this seal, it swells causing the water pump casing to crack. That was his thoughts, though I'm not convinced it isn't just oil hitting the plastic that causes it to embrittle and fail. So now I have replaced both water pumps and think I'm good to go. Not so. About two months later, I have another coolant leak and it is, again, the main water pump casing that cracked. This looked to be caused by a little oil that was slopped during an oil change. That's all it took and I'm repairing this car, again. At this point I posted it for sale online because I see it is a dog. The blue book has now dropped to about $6500. No takers for a couple months and then, you guessed it, another coolant leak. I had the car in for the 120,000 mile maintenance a week before and the mechanic inspected the water pumps and everything was good. So I take it back to him and yes, the water pump failed again. This time the source of the oil that caused the leak was a failed PCV valve. During the aforementioned maintenance, this was checked and found to be working fine. It was not part of the maintenance, but my mechanic checks a lot more just to verify common failures are monitored. In this case, the PCV valve, which coincidentally is another cheap plastic part, failed causing the interior pressure of the engine to build, blowing out pretty much every seal on the engine. Oil sprays out, coats the water pump, and the water pump casing splits, again. Now I am looking at basically a $3000+ fix. Needless to say, it is now being offered for sale as a parts car. VW has been contacted throughout this period and, not surprisingly, has not responded. My feeling is that VW talks a good story about customer care and loyalty, but they really don't want to hear about problems, they just want you to pay to fix them, over and over. This feeling isn't just that they ignored my complaints, but go to their website. Try and find a place where you can actually lodge a complaint. It doesn't exist. There is a link for feedback, but it is really geared around feedback for their website, not for their products. You can eventually dig around long enough to get someone that will tell you to email your complaints to Do yourselves a favor...avoid ALL VW products.

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Very nice

oz10tx, 02/25/2013
Komfort 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I looked at several used cars before buying this. I was looking at the CC mainly as I felt the two VW models had more value than the other entry level luxury cars (BMW 3 series, MB C Class, Lexus, A4, CTS). I paid about 5-8k less for my passat. I know I gave up some performace but couldn't justify the extra for a little more pep as the speed limit is still 70. This car does cruise at 80 plus very smoothly though and dtill has some power left. I did go with the Passat with the ground effects and this really makes a huge difference on the look of the car. Put the same model side by side and it looks completely different from the more stock Passat. It wasn't really on my list until I found one.

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2010 R36 Wagon Perfect Family Wagon

isihac, 09/21/2012
Komfort 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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My second VW (had a W8 wagon last) has given no problems. In New Zealand this car is $45k cheaper than than the 3.0D Audi and comes with all the extras I need. The ESP allows a little four wheel drift fun when seriously provoked but always feels completely in control. Normally driven by my wife with three kids seats in the back it runs around town but still overtakes most anything on the open road in less than 100m

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First VW - Very Good but not Great

edmundsfan5, 12/30/2010
Komfort PZEV 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I've had my 2010 Passat for a few months, and for the most part I am happy. I totally agree with the other rave reviews of the spirited 2.0 turbo engine, and the incredibly smooth DGS transmission. It's very stable at highway speeds, as it should be coming from Germany. My only real complaint is the intrusive road noise on uneven pavement - there is a lot of that where I live around DC. I have also noticed some annoying rattles in the driver's door and dash, but I don't know if it's just my car since most people rate the fit & finish very highly. Great fuel economy and plenty of power for every day drivers. I especially enjoy the low end torque pushing me back in my seat.

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Quirky but I love it

pegnick, 09/14/2012
Komfort 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I bought this car new at the end of its production run. It has 38k now. My previous car was a 2003 Passat. This Passat is bigger and more luxurious than the old design. It is quiet, smooth riding and powerful. It is commanding on the highway. Great for my long legs. Sorry they left off the automatic window closing feature. The quirk is the electronic transmission. It clunks and lurches into first gear. I hated it for a long time. But I love everything else so much that I have come to accept this weird behavior. Mileage is 31 to 33mpg on the highway. Transmission feels european if you like that. I plan to stay with the car a long time.

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