2012 Toyota Camry - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Toyota Camry SE (2.5L 4-cyl. 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 12/6/2011
Performance Strong acceleration for a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, yet almost one-half second slower to 60 mph than the last 4-cylinder Camry we tested. Enough power for easy freeway merging. Manual shifting is available via the console shifter.
Driving Dynamics As you might expect, the Camry understeers at its limit. ESC is rather abrupt when it engages. Steering is heavy yet offers a sense of how the road and tires are communicating. Good suspension damping accentuates its soft ride.
Ride Comfort Comfort is important to the Camry experience. This car soaks up road imperfections well. Even the SE trim, which is considered sporty in Toyota-speak, is worthy of long distance drives. Seat cushions are soft with suitable side bolstering.
Quietness Noise cancellation is where the Camry excels. The drone of tire-hum is minimal in normal conditions. Exterior noises in general are well neutralized. With the radio at modest volume, audible signs of the outside world all but disappear.
Ergonomics Ingress/egress is fine for a midsize sedan. All primary and secondary controls are easily reached. A combination of knobs, buttons and touchscreen keeps the layout clean yet functional. A telescoping wheel would be nice.
Visibility Forward and rearward visibility is average. All other directions offer enough glass to see where you're going. Available rear-view camera makes life easier in parking lot situations. Headlights are adequate.
Seat Access & Space Front seats easily accessed and comfortable for most. If you're wide in the hip, the side bolsters might be intrusive. The limited range of seating adjustments means some won't find the perfect'driving position. Gobs of rear seat room.
Cargo & Storage Trunk space is considerable. Ample number of storage bins and pockets to satisfy all occupants. Heck, the rear passengers have 3 cupholders each compared to 2 per rider in front. Rear seat backs split 60/40 for additional cargo area.
Build Quality This Camry is constructed well. The paint looks good. The gaps between panels are minimal. It is a good example of how to do it right.

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