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These 10 SUVs Have the Most Spacious Third Row

These 10 SUVs Have the Most Spacious Third Row

Keep your third-row passengers comfortable with these SUVs

Not all third rows are equal. Three-row SUVs, which seat six to eight passengers, are some of the most versatile vehicles on the market, but choosing one isn't easy. Despite the long list of three-rowers to choose from, not all models have large third rows, and some provide very little cargo space behind the third row.

To help you with your search, we've listed 10 family haulers that have the largest third rows. We divided these SUVs into three categories — large, midsize and electric — and ranked them by the amount of legroom they provide. We've also included their starting price and the amount of cargo space behind the third row so you know if you're compromising on luggage room for that third-row space.

Large three-row SUVs

Chevrolet Suburban

Third-row legroom: 36.7 inches
Cargo space: 41.5 cubic feet
Starting price: $61,195

The king of third-row legroom is none other than the Chevy Suburban, the long-running SUV that's become the go-to vehicle for many large families.

The Suburban and its corporate cousins, the GMC Yukon XL and Cadillac Escalade ESV, share the same massive third-row dimensions. The shorter Tahoe has a slightly smaller third row but significantly less cargo space.

Besides its mega size, we also like the Suburban for its high towing capacity, long list of available tech features, and optional diesel engine that delivers impressive fuel efficiency. We do wish more advanced driver aids came standard. The 2024 model had no significant changes, but the 2025 Suburban will be updated with a reworked exterior, redesigned interior and improved tech features.

Jeep Wagoneer

Third-row legroom: 36.6 inches
Cargo space: 27.4 cubic feet (standard), 42.1 cubic feet (L model)
Starting price: $64,945

The Wagoneer's third-row legroom is a pinch less than the Suburban's, but the Jeep's third row is larger in every other dimension and is technically the largest. The more luxurious Grand Wagoneer shares the same third-row dimensions, as does the longer Wagoneer L, but the L offers more cargo space.

Introduced in 2022, the Wagoneer is the new kid on the large SUV block. Jeep's biggest SUV is very competitive thanks to its huge upscale interior, superb towing capacity, solid off-road capability and easy-to-use infotainment system. The L model also provides more cargo space than the Suburban and Expedition Max. One of our few complaints is its ride quality over large bumps. The big change for 2024 is the new turbocharged six-cylinder engine that replaced the V8.

Ford Expedition

Third-row legroom: 36.1 inches
Cargo space: 19.3 cubic feet (standard), 36.0 cubic feet (Max model)
Starting price: $57,625

The Ford Expedition offers the least amount of third-row legroom out of the large SUVs on this list, but the third row still offers plenty of room for adults. Both the regular Expedition's and the Expedition Max's third rows are the same size, but the longer Max provides more cargo room. If you want a more luxurious ride, the Lincoln Navigator and longer Navigator L have the same third-row dimensions as well.

The Expedition is one of our top large SUVs thanks to its huge interior, strong engine, high towing capacity and impressive display screens. However, its EPA fuel efficiency rating was hard to match during our evaluation. The Expedition didn't have any significant updates for 2024, but the 2025 model will likely be refreshed with several updates.

Midsize three-row SUVs

Volkswagen Atlas

Third-row legroom: 33.7 inches
Cargo space: 20.6 cubic feet
Starting price: $39,420

The Atlas offers the most legroom of all the midsize three-row SUVs. But this only applies to the regular Atlas. Note that the sportier Atlas Cross Sport only provides two rows of seating.

The Atlas is a compelling three-row SUV, but it's up against some serious competition. We like how adults can comfortably fit in all three rows, and there is ample cargo space behind the third row, which isn't always the case in this segment. To top it off, the Atlas also provides a very comfortable ride. If it wasn't for its underwhelming engine and certain controls that can be difficult to use, the Atlas could be at the top of its class.

Volkswagen updated the Atlas with a new rugged Peak Edition model and more standard features including a new 12-inch touchscreen for 2024.

Toyota Grand Highlander

Third-row legroom: 33.5 inches
Cargo space: 20.6 cubic feet
Starting price: $44,715

The Grand Highlander is Toyota's all-new SUV that debuted for 2024. As the name implies, it's a larger version of the regular Highlander that boasts a larger third row. The Lexus version, called the TX, also has a large third row that's identical in size. The Grand Highlander's third row is so large, it's almost comparable to the larger Sequoia's third row.

It took a while for Toyota to offer a midsize SUV with a large third row, but it was worth the wait. The Grand Highlander's impressive amount of cargo and passenger space, excellent ride quality, generous list of standard features, and fuel-efficient engine make it one of our highest-ranking three-row SUVs. However, we prefer the Grand Highlander Hybrid for its improved efficiency. It offers two hybrid engines, a very efficient base version and a Hybrid Max unit that provides the most power.

Dodge Durango

Third-row legroom: 33.5 inches
Cargo space: 17.2 cubic feet
Starting price: $41,265

Although the current generation of the Durango has been around for over 10 years, it still has a lot to offer. In addition to its large third row, the Durango has a stout towing capacity of 8,700 pounds, provides ample cargo space, and gives you a choice of four engines to choose from, including three V8s.

It's hard to beat the Durango's combination of performance and versatility, but the aging SUV falls short in most other categories such as comfort, tech and luxury. Its interior also looks low-budget when compared to rivals. But if its drawbacks don't bother you and you want V8 power, act fast because the 2025 Durango will likely lose its V8s in favor of the brand's Hurricane turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

Honda Pilot

Third-row legroom: 32.5 inches
Cargo space: 18.6 cubic feet
Starting price: $41,295

Honda's largest SUV isn't one of our top three-row SUVs, but it's an all-around solid choice for a family hauler. The Pilot's third row is large, but adults might feel cramped because of the high floor and lack of footroom under the second-row seats.

The Pilot's middling performance in the very competitive midsize SUV segment is due to its average fuel economy, below-average value proposition and lackluster driving performance. Although it comes standard with many advanced driver aids, they lack refinement, and the Pilot's display screens are relatively small. On the plus side, the big Honda has a roomy cabin, ample cargo space, excellent small-item storage and easy-to-use controls.

Ford Explorer

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Third-row legroom: 32.2 inches
Cargo space: 16.3 cubic feet
Starting price: $41,350

The Explorer offers a lot of legroom, just beating the Chevrolet Traverse (that didn't make the list) by the slimmest margin. However, the third row's other dimensions aren't as impressive. We recommend getting your hands on a 2025 model if you can because Ford gave it a significant refresh that included updated styling, a redesigned interior, and improved tech features including BlueCruise, a hands-free driving system.

The Explorer boasts strong engine options, excellent handling for a three-row SUV, and lots of available tech features. But the Ford is toward the bottom of our rankings because it's not as roomy as many rivals and its interior has too many low-quality materials. Its comfort and real-world fuel economy also fall behind class leaders. The 2025 Explorer could address some of these issues, and we'll let you know as soon as our test team evaluates one.

Electric three-row SUVs

Rivian R1S

Third-row legroom: 32.8 inches
Cargo space: 17.6 cubic feet, 11.1 cubic feet in the front trunk
Starting price: $76,700

The R1S is a large electric SUV from Rivian, an EV startup. Adults can comfortably fit in the R1S' third row, but cargo space behind the third row is among the lowest on this list. Fortunately, the Rivian has a large front trunk.

The R1S has a few drawbacks including a firm ride for a luxury SUV and is a little behind major automakers when it comes to the availability and refinement of tech features. For example, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren't offered. But there's plenty to like about the R1S besides its roomy cabin.

The electric SUV is available in several powertrain configurations including a quad-motor one that produces a neck-snapping 835 horsepower and a dual-motor version that provides a long estimated range of up to 400 miles with the largest battery pack. The R1S also touts impressive off-road capability and strong on-road performance, and it sports a distinctive look compared to the ocean of mainstream-looking SUVs. It also comes standard with a generous list of features.

Kia EV9

Third-row legroom: 29.9-32 inches
Cargo space: 20.2 cubic feet, 1.8-3.2 cubic feet in the front trunk
Starting price: $56,395

The EV9 is Kia's all-new midsize three-row electric SUV launched for the 2024 model year. It's currently the only three-row electric SUV that's not from a luxury company. That means it's the most affordable way to haul a large family around in an electric ride that provides plenty of cargo space and lots of room in all three rows. The amount of legroom depends on the type of second row you opt for: a bench, captain's chairs or the distinctive lounge seats.

There's more to the EV9 than its roomy cabin and attractive price tag for an electric three-rower. It's one of our highest-ranking electric SUVs thanks to its generous list of standard features, smooth ride, comfortable seats and quick fast-charging capability. Certain models provide over 300 miles of range, which is notable for its size, and all-wheel drive models pack plenty of power. The EV9 also offers lots of tech features and boasts solid build quality and a luxurious interior in top trims. There isn't much to complain about besides the lack of power and range from the most affordable base trim.

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If you plan on using your third row frequently, choosing an SUV from this list will help ensure passengers relegated to the last row have plenty of space.