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I Miss My MX-6

StephRocks, 10/19/2010
LS 2dr Coupe
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This was my all time favorite vehicle! Got 330,000 miles out of her before I sold her to a young man rebuilding another MX-6. All she needed was a clutch.

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Beautiful Inside & Out

Genny, 06/21/2002
M-Edition 2dr Coupe
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I bought this car as a 70-mile per day commuter. Looks, performance and comfort all seemlessly coexist in this car. This car, even at six years old, still looks fresh and it's not like every other coupe on the road (read Integra, Mustang or Camaro).

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Flave81, 03/16/2002
M-Edition 2dr Coupe
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Great car. Affordable. Minor problems electrically and mechanically. Lack of horsepower for racing ethusiasts, but decent V6

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Would Buy Again in a Heartbeat

Lainey, 11/13/2016
2dr Coupe
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This was my everyday ride for 15 years. Purchased it in 2001 with 55K miles on it. Final odometer reading: 247,809. Coming out of an '85 Celica hatchback, I felt right at home in it from the get-go. My motorhead brother was skeptical when I bought it because it shared design features of the Probe...and how long since anyone's seen one of those on the road? But the engine was all Mazda. Bro has frequently expressed amazement that my MX-6 has had such a great run. An unfortunate encounter on the interstate with an 18-wheeler has left the car in ruins, but amazingly, I walked away without a scratch! (Thankfully, no one else was hurt either.) This car has been one tough little cookie. The original clutch lasted until 2011. The aftermarket ones stank and had been replaced 3 times. Distributer was replaced twice. Timing belt and major hoses replaced in 2012. Axles replaced this spring. Tires were getting hard to find, as few manufacturers make 14" ones anymore. The engine light came on after foolishly driving through some floodwater, and stayed mostly on for the last 3 years (probably oxygen sensors). Only time it would ever go off was when I took it to the mechanic. Go figure. I finally put a piece of duct tape over the light to spare myself the annoyance of looking at it. The cylinder compression was getting weak toward the end of its life. Other than those things, I can't think of any major mechanical issues. It never leaked a drop of oil. This car is such fun to drive. With decent tires, I never got stranded in snow. And to be so small, you could pack an amazing amount of camping gear into it! My biggest complaints are cabin noise and constant danger of cracking one's skull on the trunk latch when loading or unloading the trunk. If I had $$ to put into a "toy," I'd go in search of another one today! Sure gonna miss my little friend.

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Awesome luxo/sport coupe

MJEEZY, 04/09/2002
M-Edition 2dr Coupe
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Actually my girlfriends car, but I want it. It is the M edition, with the tan leather and burgandy paint, gold badging and rims... Looks classy, much more like a European luxury coupe than a Ford Probe (which, along with the 626 were all built on the same assembly line in the US.) The car looks great and runs great... The 2.5l v6 has a good deal of torque, I think 185 ft-lb. to go with the 165 hp, and you can feel it... The car loves to be above 4k rpms. Backseat is a joke, but then again, who cares, I dont sit back there. I have seen headers, ecu's and exhausts for this engine but that is about it.

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