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2004 Lincoln LS

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i absolutely love this car, the hell wit a 6 cyl CTS!!!!

hollywood0621, 10/29/2013
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I have only had this car a couple weeks but I am so in love!! the power is like driving a 5.0 mustang GT luxury car, with a 5 speed auto or manual transmission, and manual is outrageous! the interior is the finest of leather, heated and cooled seats! Moon roof! oh yea, did I mention how fast it is? mine already had tinted windows, rain vents, when I got it, satin pearl white paint is beautiful! It had 70,000 miles on it when I bought it, 9yrs old, and looks and runs like brand new, my friends cant are still asking me, what year is your car again?

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Perfect Sedan for 2 Years Now!

cascadecolibri, 05/05/2013
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We bought this car used in 2011 while I was expecting our first child. I would not settle for a vehicle if safety was in question. The comfort and space were perfect for my back and belly! The driver side easy-exit seat was awesome! I felt safe riding home from the hospital with my new born daughter. In the time since we purchased it we have only had to do basic maintenance- oil changes, transmission fluid & air filter etc. Coming up on needing new tires. Apart from that I have had No Issues and it has been a blessing. Wish it handled better though. When my daughter is not with me I'd like a more exciting drive, but it might be best that it doesn't handle like a sports car...

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You'll Love This Car!

Tim R., 07/12/2008
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Purchased a used (18,000 mi.) 2004 V8 with the LSE package in Oct. 2006. Had absolutely no problems so far (42k mi.) Very well "built" luxury sports sedan. Handles great--plenty of power--decent mileage* for a V8 with this power. Highly recommend this car because of value, quality and performance. If your seeking a nice used luxury sports sedan at an "affordable" price, then this car should be on your "list". The car runs fine on 89 octane (mid) gasoline, although 91 octane suggested by factory.

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Sport Sedan Upgrade

Percy Mack, 11/26/2009
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My used 2001 LS sold me on this model, so I purchased a 2004 LS in the summer of 2004. I was pleased then and am still pleased after 95000K. The handling is what sold me on this model Lincoln. On long trips using the cruise control net me about 400+ miles per tank. City driving is not so good. Lincoln need to bring this model back. Some factory warranties were still in effect after my regular warranty had expired. When the service department told me that it would be no cost, I was quite pleased. I have had no major problems and hope to drive this one until another one appear in the show windows.

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Long Run with the LSV8

Terry Gannon, 02/13/2010
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Bought the LS Sport with V8 loaded when it was a year old from turned out to be disreputable Lincoln dealer in Gainsville,FL. After I got home noticed right front door slight different color shade than rest of car. Round and round with lying dealer, had to pay for repaint. Lincoln is the worst of dealers. In 4 times for door rattle, and never fixed. Door window failures, door lock replaced. Replaced 7 of 8 ignition coils, one at a time each visit, Lincoln would not fix all at once. Getting ready to trade it in with 97k, it has been a good friend. WILL NEVER BUY LINCOLN AGAIN. Looking at my FIRST import ever owned at age 62, Accura TL, can't fight the US made fight any longer, I surrender.

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