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Hybrid first, EV as an afterthought

Camo, 10/06/2020
SE 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 6AM)
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Here's my impression of the 2020 Ioniq after a few weeks of driving: Pros: -The touch points are nice. Interior feels premium. -Seats are comfortable. -Intuitive infotainment and controls. -Heated seats are standard. -Great center of gravity, hugs the road while driving. -Looks like a small car on the outside but has SUV feel on inside. -Charging port is illuminated. -Pleasant chime sound when you backup. Cons: -Driving in EV mode is like driving a golf cart, people constantly pass me, and there is no torque for getting onto the highway or passing people. -EV mode is kindof a joke after I drove a Bolt for two years. While the Bolt was responsive and nimble the Ioniq is sluggish and clunky. I was disappointed that it felt so much like a regular ICE vehicle. -The only way to get up hills/ mountains is in Sport mode. -Dual clutch makes this a stressful and distracting drive. Every time I slow down the transmission lunges, seemingly because it cant shift to a lower gear fast enough. In EV mode, it lunges while accelerating. Maybe this will improve the more I drive? -Doors are loud when closing. -Again, no torque in EV mode. -When petrol engine kicks in, it's loud. -Backup camera needs improvement as it doesn't beep to warn you when you're too close to something. Tip: don't use the paddle regen unless you know what you're doing! Using it can be tricky. And it may seem like one pedal braking (especially if you've driven a full EV before) but it's only for recharging. Overall, I have to say for the value, it's a decent hybrid... if you can just forget everything you know about EVs!

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