2007 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test - MPG

2007 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

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2007 Honda Fit Sport: Fuel Economy Update

July 09, 2008


Good gracious. The last time we posted fuel economy numbers for our spry little Honda Fit was last September . I guess we've had our hands full with other things and more other things since then. But gas mileage is the name of the game these days, so here's how we're doing.

Best tank: 40.1
Worst tank: 22.4
Lifetime average: 31.0


Bryn MacKinnon, Senior Editor, Edmunds.com @ 26,545 miles

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2007 Honda Fit Sport: My Unlovely Honda Hump

March 31, 2008

I don't know about you all, but I refuse to drive around by myself with the front passenger seat slid all the way forward. Whenever I see that someone's left the seat that way, I compulsively slide it back so that it's roughly parallel with the driver seat. So it was in our long-term Honda Fit when I brought it along to Joshua Tree National Park last week -- someone had left the passenger seat all the way up, so I promptly slid it back. Except this time I got a little more than I'd bargained for. In the name of Soichiro Honda, I exclaimed, what is THAT!

I'm taking suggestions. Meanwhile, browse onward for a few Joshua Tree pics. I averaged a little over 35 mpg for the trip, by the way -- mainly unimpeded highway driving, A/C blasting (to the extent that the Fit's apathetic A/C can be said to blast), with some stop-and-go mixed in.

Josh Sadlier, Associate Editor, Edmunds.com @ 23,283 miles

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2007 Honda Fit Sport: Little, Big

February 12, 2008

I have been posting on the Driving Woman about my search for a fuel-efficient vehicle. The lease on my Volvo XC90 is up soon and we aren't planning on keeping it due to the 18 mpg it averages on my 105-mile round trip commute.

Mike and Mike, keepers of the cars, were kind enough to loan me the Honda Fit for the night so that I could get real mileage numbers for my commute. This can't be right, can it?..

107 miles on 2.5 gallons of gas for 42.8 mpg? I filled up the tank. I double checked the figure. It sure was 2.5 gallons. I checked the mileage, it sure was 107 miles since the last fill up (105.1 miles for my trip). If my math is accurate, that is pretty damn good. I only got 39.4 mpg on the same route in a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

I like the Honda Fit. I thought it was zippy and cute, and nothing about it irritated me. If I buy an economy car, I am going to have to remember to turn the headlights on and off myself. The Fit needed a little jump this morning due to my forgetfulness.

I posted on the Driving Woman about the car seat fit.

Michelle Magoffin, Sr. Product Manager @ 21,645 miles

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2007 Honda Fit: How We're Doing on Fuel Economy

September 20, 2007

2007 Honda Fit

I updated our fuel economy spreadsheet this morning, and through 17,198 miles, our manual-shift 2007 Honda Fit is averaging 30.7 mpg. Our best tank, recorded at 15,768 miles, is 38.5 mpg. Our worst tank, recorded at 2,259 miles, is 22.4 mpg. Undoubtedly, anyone living outside Southern California with more access to wide-open highways would do better than we have...

However, when you look at the EPA's revised fuel economy estimates for a five-speed Fit -- 28 city, 34 highway vs. 33/38 on the original window sticker -- our results are about where they should be.

Erin Riches, Senior Content Editor @ 17,239 miles

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2007 Honda Fit: MPG and impressions

July 23, 2007

As of today, our 2007 Honda Fit Sport is averaging 31.3 mpg. Its best lifetime fill-ups so far are in the 36-to-37 mpg range while the worst drop into the high 20s. We still have three months to go on our one-year test but the Fit will certainly end up as being one of the most fuel-efficient, non-hybrid cars we've ever had in our long-term fleet.

I've had the luxury of spending the past month driving the Fit and I'll be a little sad to return into the normal long-term rotation later this week...

Certainly, the car has a few flaws, but they're more than made up for by positive attributes. I really like the configurable rear seats, the high mileage, the maneuverability and the dose of fun the car imparts through its anime styling and sporty handling.

I could potentially see myself owning one. But were I to get a Honda Fit, I think I'd want mine in black. In fact, there's a black one commonly parked in our office's parking garage with dark, gold-painted aftermarket wheels. Yeah, I know black and gold is gaudy and only fitting for late 1970s Firebirds with giant screaming chicken decals on the hood. But somehow it works.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor, 15,680 miles

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Honda Fit Goes to Oregon, Part Two

May 25, 2007

Although the Honda Fit's thinly padded driver seat challenged my pain thresholds (especially on the 15-hour drive home from Oregon), I don't regret choosing it for my five-day road trip. The hatchback's size was incredibly convenient for maneuvering around cities I wasn't familiar with. Basically, I could park it anywhere. Plus, its diminutive size made it more endearing. During my overnight stay in Alturas, CA, where everybody drives diesel 3/4-ton pickups, I parked it right below my room at the Super 8 so I could keep an eye on it. It was the automotive equivalent of a toddler.

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Honda Fit: Stuck in second place

April 24, 2007

In keeping with the spirit of Earth Day weekend, I embarked on my Honda Fit road trip determined to burn 20-plus gallons of petroleum into the atmosphere as gradually as possible. I followed all the rules: no passengers, A/C off, light right foot, all upshifts by 2,500 RPM, cruise control locked and loaded at every possible moment. Hey, nothing beats a stingy, stickshift, subcompact-sized Honda nailed to the freeway by a geeky anti-fun driver, right?

Well, on the two tanks that were entirely mine, I scored 33 and 34 MPG. From a macro perspective that's great, and better than almost any car you can name. Unfortunately, the exception happens to be archrival Toyota Yaris, in which I scored 35 and 38 under similar conditions -- and that was with an efficiency-killing automatic.

Why the easy victory? We're dealing with two 1.5-liter engines here (smallest in any car today) and pretty close gearing. Could the culprit be the Fit's extra 183 extra pounds? Its 3.3 inches of excess height? Tire choice and/or high rolling resistance? At least one thing's for sure: on a certain steep downhill stretch I've taken dozens of times, most cars accelerate on their own well into the 80 MPH range; some exceed 90. The Fit maxed out at 77.

Whatever the cause, the effect is clear: the Fit must make peace with being the second-most frugal non-hybrid, gas-powered automobile of 2007.

Brian Sy, Automotive Editor, 9,535 miles

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Honda Fit Goes on a Road Trip

April 16, 2007

Although I've written frequently about the virtues of our 2007 Honda Fit, this past weekend was my first opportunity to take a real road trip in the car -- about 700 miles total.

I'd been worried that the car's less than ideal driving position would make for an uncomfortable trip, but this turned out not to be such a big deal. The driver seat is nicely shaped and the cushioning held up for the first 3-4 hours; after that, the seat-bottom support began to wear thin. Ride quality was excellent for a subcompact, though, and unlike some other Hondas I've driven, road noise is well controlled...

As a moderately aggressive driver, I found the power adequate, though in some cases, barely so. Judicious shifting was essential to keep the 1.5-liter engine in its power band on highway grades, and I occasionally found it tricky to take advantage of passing zones on two-lane mountain roads -- redline in third gear became the norm. I managed 33 mpg for the trip -- not great for a subcompact, but considering all the time spent on back roads, I'll take it.

Those back roads were saturated by rain and snow showers, but the Fit's 195/55-15 Dunlop tires tracked nicely on the slick asphault. The hatchback's carefully tuned suspension complemented that grip, such that the Fit was still fun to drive in a driving rain. This scrappy character is what I like most about Honda's supermini.

Erin Riches, Senior Content Editor, 8,662 miles

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Honda Fit: fill 'er up

March 26, 2007

I noticed the Fit's fuel gauge heading towards 'E' last night. Sure enough, the orange 'low fuel' light flicked on during this morning's commute.

I'd started the weekend with a full tank. So this morning's fillup would be the perfect comparison to the last time in the Fit, where I'd broken my personal mpg best.

This time, it covered 282.5 miles on 9.802 gallons. 28.8 mpg. Quite a bit short of my last stint.

So what happened? It's all in the driving conditions. The Fit spent most of the weekend in stop and go driving, as well as a blast up the winding roads near Glendora. If it wasn't crawling, the throttle was pinned. Oh, and thanks to the hordes of dumbfounded dipsticks on the freeway, my 33 mile commute took nearly two soul-withering hours this morning.

Scanning the Fit's logbook, I noticed that our Michael Jordan gets the prize for the most miles traveled on a tank (332.5 miles). But no one has yet run the tank as low as I just did, making me the boldest (or stupidest) Fit driver yet. Gotta feel good about something after that hell commute...

Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor at 7623 miles

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Honda Fit indifferent to flogging

February 13, 2007

My heavy foot wasn't enough to dislodge the Fit's average fuel economy out of the low 30s. At its most recent fillup, it averaged 32 mpg for a tank driven entirely in my care.

That's pretty impressive, and there's no doubt it can do better if driven with economy in mind. I tend to drive "spirited-ly," so for me, 32 mpg may well be the highest fuel economy I've ever registered in a car...

What's the best single tank average you've ever had, and in what car was it achieved?

--Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor

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Bemoaning the 2007 Honda Fit's MPG

December 19, 2006

Last night I drove the Fit home and then back to work again. Since I own my own Fit I was interested to see if the mileage was comparable. In my Fit, driven mostly by my wife in an around-town setting, we get about 26 mpg -- a far cry from the 33 mpg the EPA estimates for city mileage. My commute in the Edmunds.com Fit was about 62 miles and it had 71 miles on it when I filled it up due to some around town driving...I was discouraged to see it took 2.9 gallons which told me I got 24.5 mpg. Here is an action shot of 6 a.m. at the Shell station in Santa Monica.

While I was parked at the pump a Nissan Versa slid up beside me. It was an Inside Line editor checking his mileage. We stood in the cold and compared notes about the cars and gas mileage and how it was pretty damn cold for Southern California.

Hoping to cheer myself up I pulled out the logbook and ran the lifetime average. I'm including an action shot of that, as well. The lifetime average for the Fit was 30.2 mpg. This is pretty good compared to other cars, but again abysmally short of the EPA estimated 38 mpg highway. No big surprise there. I did a review of the long term fleet and found that EPA estimates are 14 percent high. A quicker way to estimate what you will get for a lifetime average is to deduct a few miles from the EPA's estimated city mileage. This holds up for our Fit since it its EPA city mileage is 33 mpg and we are getting 30.2 mpg.

One bright note: when we first got our Fit we drove to Las Vegas with four people and four suitcases in 100 degree temperatures. We got 36.5 mpg. Now that's more like it.

Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor, 3540 miles

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Fit Beauty is in the Details

November 28, 2006

The Fit is full of compromises - it needs more power, lacks even basic features like a sun visor mirror and can be noisy on the highway. But Fit owners will likely NOT feel short changed as the car is full of little details that give the clear impression that the Fit is something special. The Sport's stereo is impressive for the price, the blue gauges add an upscale flair and little things like the dot over the "i" in Fit help the car to ditch a low buck image.

Plus, after a long holiday weekend of errand running and shopping I used a little more than half a tank of gas...

Total cost for 162 miles worth of city driving? $13.42 - suddenly the Fit's critics are remarkably silent.

Brian Moody @ 2509 miles.

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