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1999 Cobra # 60 of 4040

jmcrawford, 06/07/2010
2dr Coupe
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Bought this car as a College graduation gift for myself. It is my baby never seen rain / or snow in the time that I have owned it. Bought the car with 28K on it and now has 47. I only drive this car when I want, fun to drive and still get complements wherever I go. Gas mileage is great for what the car is. Paint is good for a Ford product. Awesome brakes and predictable road manners. No major issues with the car other than an A/C pressure switch. I lowered mine and changed the exhaust from heads to the tail pipes. Stock shifter was awful felt like I was rowing a boat. Cannot beat the sound of a American V8, tons of power above 3000 rpm.

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Careful this snake might bite

Jake R, 09/20/2015
2dr Coupe
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Do your research. I've been a fan of mustangs ever since I was little. It's always been a car that's caught my eye. I bought a 2005 v6 mustang before this. Now I have a 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. This car is not just a car. This vehicle has a soul and she wants to show you get soul every time you push the clutch in. With every rev from that American v8 you hear her ancestors speaking in such harmony you just want to keep driving. There are no cons to be had here. Don't hesitate buy a piece of American history today!

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Still Looks Good

JMCRAWFORD, 06/04/2010
2dr Coupe
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Great car bought it with 28000 miles in 05. Have only had a single problem. Insurance is cheep. With the recall and short production run. Haggerty considers it an exotic. (99 cobra only $500 year full coverage) Now has 47,000 only issue that I have had is AC pressure switch. Fixed it my self for $50. Stock shifter was junk and replaced that. Stops on a dime great brakes. Good gas mileage for what it is (If you want good gas mileage get a Honda)

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1999 SVT

Michael Margareci, 06/03/2006
2dr Coupe
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I can not believe that this car is 7 years old and yet I still enjoy driving it every summer. Honestly it is by far the most trouble free sports car I have ever owned. I would highly recommend Ford’s SVT’s products to anyone considering purchasing a high horsepower fun car. Make no mistake this car is scary fast in stock form and like any vehicle that makes over 300 hp it must be treated with respect. Ford’s hand built 32 valve motor is a joy to wring out and let stretch it legs. Mustang SVT’s are a blank canvas that every owner can and should modify to their own unique taste. Just drive one and you will not be disappointed.

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No regrets!

Burney, 11/17/2008
2dr Convertible
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I recently purchased this Cobra after 5 months of researching for the combination I wanted. (Low mileage, minimal owners, flawless service history, all stock, convertible) I found this car with 13,500 all original miles on it. It was garaged for the majority of its life, driven only occasionally, left completely stock, used with only full synthetic fluids, and well taken care of. When I first test drove the car I was floored by it's power and had to reteach myself to drive the manual transmission to be able to handle it all! I bought this car and modified it for better performance (not that it needed it) Very dependable, lots of power, great handling

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