2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Long Term Road Test - Interior

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Long Term Road Test

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: A Mighty Wind

August 14, 2012

ford fusion hybrid ac.jpg

I wasn't expecting much when I fired up the Fusion Hybrid's AC while preparing to run a lunchtime errand on a scorching summer day. A couple of bad experiences have caused me to associate hybrids and electric cars with poor to mediocre AC capability -- maybe it was time recently spent in the i-MiEV that led me to this conclusion.

Anyway, the Fusion Hybrid surprised me with gale-force winds that cooled the sticky cabin almost immediately. With the AC on full blast, I'm sure I wasn't doing the car's fuel economy any favors, but the cabin was a nippy and refreshing antidote to L.A.'s August heat.

Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Old Man of the Fleet

August 10, 2012

ford fusion hybrid cw.jpg

With 22,215 miles on the odometer, the Ford Fusion Hybrid (shown here getting a hose-down) is the old man of our long-term fleet. And for the most part, it's holding up pretty well.

That dash fade issue that we reported on a while back was addressed in a TSB, and elsewhere, our resident senior citizen is looking spiffy. No signs of wear on the seats, and most of the interior bits are good as new.

Click after the jump for some photographic evidence.

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: The Long Time Ago Center Stack

October 26, 2011

Ford Fusion Hybrid center stack 1.jpg

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, there was no MyFord Touch. Instead, there was a relic of a center stack like that on our long-term 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ugly? Perhaps. It was low-tech and decidedly without style. But it was simple and it worked.

Albert Austria, Senior VE Engineer @ 16,350 miles

Bonus: Stormtrooper pic on the jump!

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Dash Fade

September 26, 2011

fusion dash 2.jpg

This is a photo of the dash pad on our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid taken just a few days ago. It's not parked under a tree, the windshield isn't dirty and that spotting you see is not a shadow or a stain. It looks to be sun damage. On a car that spends 90% of its life in garages and is routinely cleaned with mild interior cleaners.

We're kind of at a loss on this one, but as it doesn't directly impact driving we'll wait for the next service to have it looked it. Have you seen anything like this on a car with so few miles that's kept indoors?

Driver side shot after the jump

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Keeping Me Toasty and Happy

December 01, 2010


I love our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid's cabin and heater. So warm and cozy that I just don't want to leave. You see, this past week has been unbearably chilly. OK, the low '60s may be nothing to those suffering in colder climes but for someone like me who owns only one top and bottom set of silk long johns which are only broken out for going to Mammoth or Sacramento, it's fuh-reezing! Add to the fact that my 1930s apartment doesn't have weatherstripping around its doors and windows and I am not a happy camper.

So I was thrilled when the Fusion Hybrid was my car for several days. Score! Seat heaters! Plus, check out how easy that climate control system is to figure out. Yes, I crank up the heat to 81, in addition to having the seat heater on the highest setting. I'm of a tropical people.

And if you don't want to deal with navigating the touchscreen to turn up the heat, there are accessible and easy-to-figure-out buttons below the audio controls.

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: What's this switch for?

November 30, 2010


Sitting in traffic this morning, I noticed our Ford Fusion Hybrid has three blanks, or dummy switches, on its center stack. While it's not unusual for our test cars to lack available options, those blanks became the subject of much scrutinty while I crawled along the 405 freeway, averaging just 15 mph for far too many miles.

"What am I living without?" I thought. "What might I need?"

I made my guesses during my boring drive.

Now you make yours.

Kelly Toepke, News Editor @ 10,499 miles

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Quiet Starter

November 25, 2010

OK, it's not so much how quiet the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is when you start it -- we've already seen/heard that before. It's how pretty it is. A peaceful presentation of screens with gauges, leaves and soothing lights. Now exhale.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: What Does This Remind You of?

November 24, 2010


Unlike most car interiors, our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid sports this nifty light ring around its cupholder so you can see where to put your soda, keys, iPhone, etc. I think it's pretty and not distracting at all. But it reminds me of something. Something that harkens back to growing up in the '80s. Any guesses?

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Less App, More Machine

November 17, 2010

Fusion motion.jpg

If the Devil's in the details, then our Fusion Hybrid is a doomed eco-demon. Other automakers have incorporated similar touches, but the Fusion pulls them all together into a single "of course" moment.

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Touchscreen Schmoo

September 09, 2010


Yeah, touchscreens are intuitive, but they're also kinda icky--especially if you're sharing said car with people other than family. Just sayin'.

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton @ 6,789 miles

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Good View of the Mountains

July 06, 2010


Heading out in the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid for a 4th of July weekend one of our co-workers yelled: "Hippie! Go ahead and take your nice little blue hybrid to the mountains!" I should have told him that I could have gotten 38 mpg in my 2007 Honda Fit on a little four-cylinder engine. Instead, I took this hybrid and got 36 mpg over 475 miles. The difference was that the Fusion Hybrid was roomier (despite a half-sized trunk), quieter and more comfortable.

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Cabin Feels Upscale

June 05, 2010


Here's the deal: I don't like the exterior styling of 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It's not personal. I've never liked the look of the Fusion, before or after the refresh. It's way overdone. But I forget all about that once I'm inside the car.

Partly, this is due to how the Fusion Hybrid drives: It feels like a real car, rather than a hybrid-badged simulation of a real car.

But I also really like the interior of the Fusion. It's spacious, of course, given the car's longish wheelbase (107.4 inches) and relatively wide track (61+ inches), but the execution on the design also deserves major points. There's an upscale feel in here that reminds me a bit of the Volkswagen CC. The black chairs with contrasting white stitching don't just look good, they feel good. And apart from the clackety, low-buck shifter, all vinyls and plastics in this car are up to par and nicely finished.

Oh, if I had it my way, I would have insisted that the Ford interior designers cleanup the excessive use of small buttons on the steering wheel and center stack. But apart from that, the cabin feels quite contemporary -- from the large, colorful, high-resolution navigation screen to the slick TFT displays in the gauge pack.

Erin Riches, Senior Editor @ 5,500 miles

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Where Do You Hold the Steering Wheel?

April 15, 2010


I was always taught to hold a steering wheel at 9 and 3 (like on the face of a clock). But I know a lot people do 10 and 2. When I was a teenager, much to the dismay of my father, I used to keep both hands at the bottom of the wheel. "You have no real control that way," he would say. "What if you have to make an emergency maneuver?" I was just being lazy and I thought it looked cool.

At our annual driving school, the instructors tell us that we should cheat even lower down the steering wheel, more in the area of 8 and 4. And they also tell us to shuffle the steering wheel when turning, not go hand over hand like I was taught as a kid. This is because of the airbags in the wheel. You don't want to get your fingers caught in the event of a collision. You never want to have your fingers/arms/hands crossing the center of the wheel.

Most modern steering wheels are made for the hands to comfortably fit at 9 and 3. As you can see in the picture, the steering wheel on our Ford Fusion, and also on our Ford Flex, make it easy for you to place your hands lower.

Where do you hold the steering wheel?

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor @ 4,233 miles

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Winter Floormats? No Problem Here.

February 02, 2010


Heavy winter floor mats are nothing new, of course. And even though we're located in mostly-sunny Santa Monica, our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid was delivered with a set of them. Of course the driver's mat was left in the trunk because the carpet mat was currently in use. That's the way things are supposed to roll.

Since I've become something of a stuck-throttle engineer of late and the mat was just sitting there, taunting me, there was nothing for it but to see if the same throttle pedal entrapment issue I easily confirmed in a 2004 Toyota Prius was possible in our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

In a word, no; I was unable to trap the throttle pedal in our Ford Fusion.

Let's review, shall we?

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Video Walkaround

February 02, 2010


Here is a tour of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Nice Seats, Odd Storage Compartment

January 27, 2010


So I finally got some seat time in our Fusion Hybrid and I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the new sedan, mostly because it doesn't really feel much like a hybrid. Now I know most hybrid buyers will feel cheated if they don't hear the whir of the electric motors, but as far as I'm concerned, the closer this car is to a regular Fusion the better.

Two other things also jumped out at me. One, the seats are above average for a car like this. Not only because they feel nicely bolstered, but they also have that fancy white stitching down the sides. Nice.

The other thing that caught my eye was the dashboard storage bin. Kind of an odd shape, no? Not sure what might fit in there, but in my experience most people don't use them anyway. Maybe that's just me. Nice car though, I think I'm going to like it.

Ed Hellwig, Senior Editor, Edmunds.com @ 2,717 miles

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: About that Center Stack...

January 26, 2010

Ford Fusion Hybrid center stack.JPG

I drove our long-term 2010 Ford Fusion for the first time last night. It's an great commuter car with good space and excellent fuel economy, of course, and it's as utterly boring as the similar Camry Hybrid.

The center stack on our Fusion has a very good HMI (Human Machine Interface) with good, quality-feeling switch (and knobs) operation.

And the appearance is... well, a bit dated, but not too bad. That's because we popped for the Navi, which has a different center stack than non-Navi.

If you don't get the Navi, you end up with this...

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