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2nd van in 5 months

Bob Folger, 11/15/2004
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I have three young kids and rely heavily on the automatic doors and the seating for my kids to be able to get in and out of. The first two months of ownership we had repeated automatic door issues! It would open on its own, or not close when the button was pushed etc... The electronics on this vehicle I beleive are poor! The couple of months our van was in the shop more than at our house. Finally Ford broke down and gave us another van! I am writing this review because the problem just started again on the other psgr. door. We are on our way in to get a loaner. I am very surprised to see the high reviews of others but encouraged that maybe the two lemons that I got are just a fluke.

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Way too many electrical problems!

Tommy, 02/15/2007
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It drove great for the first 2 years. In August of 2006 we took it in to have routine maintenance and it has never been the same. It has had too many electrical problems to list as well as having to replace the transmission. Out of the past 6 months, I have only driven it about 2 weeks. The rest of the time it has been in the shop. I hope I get a new vehicle or they give me the replacement value on it for another vehicle. I am the grandson of a former lifetime Ford employee and have been a devout Ford buyer. This has really made me upset. I just hope they do the right thing. It is even worse because I am in the military and this is my wife's vehicle. It has made my life miserable!

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Transmission for the 3rd time, 99,000 miles

haringbastos, 04/12/2013
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I wish I never bought this van... Transmission failed 3 times!!!. Driving 65 miles per hour then all of a sudden fail. Always in the shop every month for something. Good looking van but it is actually junk and scary to use.

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junk junk junk

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We have had our van since 05. we have replaced transmission twice, rack, tires, brakes, now the passenger window motor is out which is the least of our problems, since our van will not go again, tranny shop apparently just doesn't want to deal with it, keep getting told to change this change that what a piece of crap. we are still making payments on it and haven't been able to drive it since June with three kids and two jobs just to get by i have to drive my winter vehicle to make it work which is horrible on gas and who can AFFORD to keep replacing parts to get it right, everyone keeps saying its something else with tranny but don't have another 3000 to fix that again guess I'm stuck

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Multiple Problems

minivanmom, 10/25/2010
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Bought the 04 freestar used in Oct 09 with 54k miles. Within 3 weeks of having it, the traction control light went on -- it goes on and off at will, mostly it is on all the time. This last summer, the AC went out. Had to get a new AC compressor for $600 dollars ... it was changed and the AC only worked in the front of the van, just blew hot air in the back. Mechanic tried to find the problem and changed the orifice tube, which was full of debris ... still no ac in the back. He said that there is likely debris throughout the entire system and would need an entire overhaul to repair the ac in the back. This weekend the transmission failed and it will cost $2500 to repair. DO NOT BUY ONE

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