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An In the Shop Van

Brent McKee, 05/10/2005
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I have had numerous electrical problems with my Freestar. I downsized from a Mavigator and knew that there would be a dramatic difference in comfort options. The mid-seats are very difficult to remove and the back seat is not comfortable for a average sized adult. I have had the vehicle in for service on eight different occasions with electrical problems; Ford has changed out the dash electronic twice and the passenger side power window motor once. I have never been so dissatisfied with a vehicle and based on this experience, I will now be looking a lot closer at imports.

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So far, so good

mom of 2, 07/05/2005
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I dreaded moving from my Subaru to a minivan, but I love my Freestar! Bought it used (it was a corporate lease) and saved about $15,000 off new price. The 4.2 liter engines gives me plenty of power and considering the size of the vehicle, I'm not unhappy with the fuel economy. I've gotten about 18 mph so far. I like the feeling that I'm driving the vehicle, it's not driving me, like with the Caravan and Sienna I tested. I will buy an extended warranty just in case. Time will tell.

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Try again

Chad, 09/02/2005
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I will never own another FORD again. Where do I start. The motor is flat and lifeless, the transmission is sloppy with bad programming; no wonder it gets terrible gas mileage (18-20mpg highway). The brakes are soft, the carpet is cheap, the rear is noisy on the highway, the rear floor is more uneven than my lawn. After spending 6 months with it and reading additional reviews, I realize I made a bid mistake buying this van. It is the highest cost to own minivan out there. I would not recommend it to anyone. Save your money and buy something good.

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Excellent car that feels safe to drive.

MagicMarv, 09/06/2005
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Big but not too big. Comfortable and great sound system. Low road noise. Great acceleration and more.

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Solid but spartan Minivan

Ken, 09/17/2005
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This is my Fleet Vehicle for work; provided new after having driven the Windstar for a year. I LOVED the Windstar features, the Freestar was a downgrade for interior comfort, in my opinion. I do 35,000 miles per year, mostly highway driving, so the interior is important to me for 10 hours per week. In short, the seat design was uncomfortable; especially the angle of the immovable headrest for a 6'-3" head. The thin plastic interior paneling felt and looked like polyethylene Tupperware. Reliability, mileage, exterior styling were excellent. I have the original brakes, tires and only normal maintenance is required.

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