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Viper MAMBA Edition owner

David Z, 01/14/2010
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I have built supercharged camaros and nitros-fed builds as well. I have road raced and autocrossed all of my vehicles. The Viper is HANDS DOWN the best performing car I have ever driven and this also includes a supercharged C6 Vette. Fuel mileage is weaker when you race it and drive it hard. Otherwise, it has the fuel economy of a V8 in my opinion. It is comparable to my Camaro honestly. This car holds the road like nothing you'll ever drive. The tires are actually wider than a Lamborghini's. I also work on the car myself and I have to say the build quality is superb. I am 6'2 so some more leg room would be nice, but oh well. PERFECT SPORTS CAR!!

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Torque...too much is almost enough

Torque Lover, 09/27/2005
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I have owned and driven my SRT-10 for one year now. I have owned and driven previous Vipers, Corvettes (Z06's included), Cobras, and supercharged F body vehicles. Without question, this vehicle wins hands down in every performance category imaginable. There is simply nothing better than feeling this car's 525 lb/ft of torque at your back. It is accentuated by the ability the vehicle has to actually grab the road. I have been more than impressed with build quality and interior design. Some of the SRT's flaws are undeniable: incredible heat flowing through the passenger cabin as well as a propensity to follow road surface flaws exactly. But I absolutely love my Viper.

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Viper, 12/04/2004
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I bought this car for my wife's birthday last July. It truly is an eye catcher and a great performer. But i guess we are not the atypical buyer for a vehicle such as this. We do not normally drive it very hard. I think the car is so twitchy at any speed that it is dangerous to drive fast. It follows the grooves of the road and is almost impossible to stay in any single lane. I have driven other high performance cars and i cant remember any of them doing this to this degree. The Viper is a work of art in the styling dept. The interior is spartan by any standard. and the lack of amenities is i guess part of its raw character. We love this car despite its few flaws.

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Venom (My License Plate)

Justin Carroll, 12/04/2004
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I got a Viper SRT-10 for my 17th birthday, and it is one of the most exciting things to do. My dad owns Auto Selects of Williamsburg, Virginia and this is where I got it from. When I drive up to my high school and people see this car, they just stare. I know that I am very fortunate to have this car but I would sell my first-born child before giving up this automobile

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Stephen A. Gillen

Steve Gillen, 12/04/2004
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A Super car. I took it to vermont on a long ride. It got 22mpg's just lite cruising. The minute you go heavy on the gas -- down to 14.5

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