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RE- THINK if your going to spend more

Gene from Mass, 02/27/2002
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I have owned my Impala 9 months. YOU can't find a better car for the MONEY! You can't find more ROOM in it's class. You can't find better GAS milage in it's class. You can't beat the PRICE. Luxury, Ride, Power, Handling, Room, Looks, What's not to like?

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200000 miles plus easy with this vehicle

Needas, 03/30/2008
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I have had my impala for 7 years now, with over 225000 miles, I still get 29 miles to the gallon average for all driving. I have only replaced the catalytic converter. It still has the same get up and go. It is wonderful on long trips. The only car I have ever owned that does not hurt my back after 12 hours of driving. I own three Chevy's all over 200000 miles, one over 300000 miles, if you want minimal repairs and a long lasting vehicle, Chevy's are your car, with Impala's leading the pack

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1st 165k were troublefree

Eric, 02/10/2009
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Bought new as a company car, drove the 1st 165k no trouble except for 1 check engine for bad gas. Bought the car from my employer at ~80k; still driving it daily at 248k. It does eat front rotors; you get one turn, then replace 'em. I'm on the 3rd set on front. Most of what has gone wrong was mostly due to my failure to do maintenance, and due to operator abuse like overcranking the steering wheel or driving over a cinder brick on the interstate while clipping along at 80 mph (Yeah, I did that; not recommended). Problems coming fast now at 248k, but I'm not amazed. Time to get another Impala. Advice - Change transaxle fluid every 30,000 miles if you want max life on the trans

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Money PIT!!!!!!

drsmilzel, 01/26/2011
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I have had my impala since 04 I bought it used with 60,000 miles on it. I have replaced the motor once, tranny once, and the power steering went 2 times and that was withing the first 2 years under the warrenty as well as the ABS and traction control sensors in the hubs are a pain they go every 2 years if not more often. Now after the warrenty is up I will say this thing has sucked more money out of me then if I had children! I find my self replacing the power steering pump constantly and the high presure line and the rack and pinion. The gas gauge doesnt work cause the level sensor in the sending unit is frozen and they want 300 for the whole unit cause you can't get just the level sensor.

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Faithful Horse

wyddon, 03/30/2015
LS 4dr Sedan (3.8L 6cyl 4A)
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I know many had problems with the 2000 - 2004 - engine cradle, brakes, windshield leak to mention a few. Traded mine in with 109,000 miles, slight hail damage, LOUD Front End Bearing Noise between 40 and 70, along with sensor failures. It just got old. It was a good car until the sensors started wear out. Got low 20 around town and upper 20's on the Interstate for gas mileage. Bladder full before gas gauge screams for attention. Styling was not too dated, always comfortable. Always knew the electric bells and whistles would be the end of the car. Front Air Dam was shot too. Engine temp slowly increased as the the Dam deterioated. Used extended warranty, paid for itself.

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