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Never buying ICE again
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By John Bowie


2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)


So I wanted a Tesla, but could afford one (or couldn't get spousal agreement). Test drove many options and was thoroughly impressed with this. I will drive 50K miles this year, so I needed a car I could rely on, had range and I have no backup plan - so I'm all in. I have previously had some wonderful little Japanese cars that were a true joy to drive. The good - fun to drive, wicked cheap to run, little range anxiety so far, well built, decent cockpit design, one pedal driving, quiet. The okay - rides a little high and definitely not sport tuned like a traditional car, design (once you get through the first two days of realizing how cheap it looks) it grows on you. The bad - seats are not that comfortable, stereo uninspiring for sound quality, charges slowly - but they all do if you are on a road trip. Overall, I have truly loved driving this car so far and will never go back to a traditional car based purely on handling and costs. I will be happy when charging improves, but it is not something that causes me stress yet (my closest EVGO station is 100 miles away!). For anyone in indecision, test drive the car to see the difference. Then do some research on resale values of these and old teslas - they are holding values way better than anyone expected for good reason. Even better, reach out and talk to an owner - they will espouse virtues - because for the most part - the salespeople are clueless because there are not nearly enough of these every hanging out at the dealerships. Depending on driving style, how and climate there is a range of 150 - 300 miles - this should be more than enough for most people.

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