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She's a good old gal

lovee, 10/25/2014
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I bought my basic Aveo in Feb 2007 right off the lot, brand new. My little silver bullet has been a pretty car with only a few minor problems. in 2012 i had to get the valve cover gasket replaced, 2013 both rotors had gone bad, but mechanically, she really has had any major motor issues. I feel she has a few good years left, as i don't think the basic model was intended to last beyond 10yrs. But, she may surprise me and keep on going.

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Simply The Best Decision You Can Make

Travis Johnson, 10/03/2006
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I looked and test drove, Honda Fit, Toyota Scion, Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio... Former Suzuki Grand Vitara Owner (2005 Lease) .... ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DECISION WOULD BE AVEO!!!... I have little to NO engine noise whatsoever, very smooth suspension, it does not have the torsion bar (ind. suspension), lots of cool little "features" that are common on premiums, great handling and response and EXCELLENT fuel mileage and I could compare that to my families Toyota Prius... Just the BEST investment I could have made...

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07 Aveo LS sedan

corvette owner, 04/17/2009
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I purchased this car this month in order to get too and from school. What a great investment. this is my first manual transmission car and "BOY" is this little thing fun.It looks good going down the road and is an overall great car. Not to mention this thing will take you 400 miles on a single tank of gas.

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Little Red Car

D Johnson, 03/05/2010
12 of 13 people found this review helpful

Bought this car for commuting after the gas prices finally got too much for me to pay with my truck. Been through two midwest winters and although it is small and light, trouble on the road from snow and ice has been minimal. The heater puts out enough heat to be comfortable and the vents are well placed for comfort. The high seating position is a treat and the turning radius makes in town driving easy. Bought the car used so had to accept that there is no cd player, but the aux. input has more than made up for it. The car has more pick up and go than I had anticipated and has great driver visibility and has been extremely reliable up to this point.

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Aveo: a real contender, poorly marketed

Mike, 10/06/2006
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GM cannot figure out why they can't sell cars. Here is a pleasing, cool, practical contender in the Mini club but who's to know? Great gear box, precise steering feel, amazingly quiet with a compliant, controlled ride. The only weakness I could find: the seat has little support (you sit on it, not in it) and the headrest is somewhat annoying and doesn't support the head comfortably. But, a definite "must drive" when considering Fit, Yaris, etc. A well developed package for all-around use that puts a smile on your face.

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Great Car, Simple and Fun!

Shauna, 02/10/2010
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I have really enjoyed my Chevy Aveo. I purchased this vehicle right out of college looking to save money on gas and the purchase price. I have not had any problems with the vehicle at all. I keep up on all the maintenance and just got new tires at 46,000 miles. Not a luxury car for sure but the LT is nice with leather, wood and some stainless the AUX is nice and the 6 disc changer. Everything I needed and would definitely recommend it! p.s. I live in WI...handles unreal in the snow for the size! My first winter I was REALLY nervous but my pumpkin (burnt orange:) never let me down!

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Economy Commuting Work Car

Carrie, 08/22/2006
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When looking for an economy car that primarily would be used for work/commuting, I looked for in this order: reliablity/dependability, gas mileage, price, and options/looks. Amoung others looked at: Ford Focus, Saturn ION, and the economy one from Toyota (which I can't remember the name of but, not much to be disired either). After test driving and having the vehicle I have which is the Chevy Aveo. I am happy with its performance, maintenance, options, price, and gas mileage, and I like how it handles curves. I feel safe and comfortable. Even though it's slow going up hill at the rate of speed I prefer, but it's keeping my gas mileage reasonable. Overall, I don't regret purchasing it

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Excellent car for a firstimer!

anthony, 11/04/2006
8 of 9 people found this review helpful

After three months of painstaking dilemma, I finally got this car! My first ever car! Looks are great both in and out. It's easy to maneuver, comfortable, very economical, and lots of space inside! I had test driven almost a dozen of cars, but the Chevy had its advantages. That's why I chose it!

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Great deal on a good little car

spicyorangeaveolove, 12/18/2006
10 of 12 people found this review helpful

Recently bought the 2007 special value model Chevy Aveo 5 (hatchback). I love the style and color, spicy orange. It is a very nice little car especially for the price. It is a base model so not fancy in any way but comfortable, roomy, and zippy. I am very happy so far. Spicy orange style.

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I love my Chevy Aveo

Rae, 12/31/2006
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I think this is a cute, fun, reliable car. I am glad I bought it. Nice transportation to and from my job, as well as around town. I check out many cars and it was a toss between the Aveo, Scion or the PT Cruiser. In the end I decided on the Aveo 5 hatchback. I got bright blue, which is a pretty color, but not my choice. Others I would have had to wait for, and I needed transportation in a hurry. I would have preferred the new cinnamon, pretty yellow or slate blue. All and all I am satisfied with my new little car and it fits in my driveway behind my husband's larger van. I needed a compact car for that reason. I have one suggestion regarding the side view mirrow.

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