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Tesla Says Cybertruck Deliveries to Officially Start Nov. 30

Tesla has provided yet another release date for the Cybertruck, promising deliveries in November

Tesla Cybertruck
  • Cybertruck deliveries are slated to start November 30.
  • Tesla also said during its earnings call that deliveries were down for the quarter.
  • The brand continued to cut prices in its third quarter.

Tesla said in its Q3 earnings call that Cybertruck deliveries will begin next month, on November 30. The Cybertruck is two years behind schedule, and it's been four years since we first laid eyes on Tesla's radical new pickup. During that time, Elon Musk has given and missed more than a few potential release timetables for the automaker's first pickup, but with production in Texas finally ramping up, we might actually see the Cybertruck on the road before the end of this year.

The announcement was one of many updates given during the earnings call, which included Tesla’s recent downturn in profits. Tesla delivered 435,059 cars globally in Q3, slightly down from its 466,140 total in Q2 of this year. Tesla said that the drop in the number of units delivered — its first quarterly decline in 12 months — is a result of planned factory shutdowns.

Tesla Cybertruck front 3/4

The brand seems confident that production going forward will pick up thanks to upgrades to its factories, although it didn't specify which factories have received the upgrades. This year, Tesla has also begun to trickle out a refreshed Model 3 in China and Europe. It isn’t yet clear when or if the updated 3 will come stateside.

Prices for existing Tesla models have also been cut during the third quarter. At its height, the Tesla Model X was discounted by as much as 30%, per Bloomberg. Tesla has yet to follow through on promises of deliveries for the Cybertruck, and it remains to be seen if the company’s long-awaited Ford Lightning / Rivian R1T challenger will see daylight in 2023.

Edmunds says

We’re skeptical of Tesla’s new Cybertruck timeline, namely because the company has continually announced, and then missed, numerous dates throughout the years since the truck’s reveal. Still, if Tesla can deliver in November, it’ll be interesting to see what the final production version of the Cybertruck is like to be in and drive and see what new technologies it brings.