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Range Rover Carmel Edition Is Limited to Seven, Costs $370,000

Land Rover brings back its uber-pricey Carmel Edition for this year's Car Week

Range Rover Carmel Edition
  • The Carmel Edition Range Rover SV returns for 2024.
  • Only seven will be made, with a hefty $25K price bump from last year.
  • Part of the proceeds will go to conservation.

For 2024, Land Rover brings back its exclusive $370,000 take on luxury with the Range Rover SV Carmel Edition. JLR did one of these last year, too, if you remember. Those with better memories will also note the price for the Carmel Edition (which doesn’t actually come with candy) has been bumped by $25,000.

The updated Carmel Edition is based on the recently updated Rover SV, though this one is specced in a much more luxurious way. It comes in super reflective white gloss paint, a changeup from last year’s bronze car. The SV sits on giant 23-inch wheels, which are also farther apart as this is the long-wheelbase model.

With just four seats, the Carmel Edition packs in a refrigerator and deployable tables in lieu of a third row. In back, you’ll find embroidered pillows to match. Those seats, among other surfaces, are finished in a combination of embroidered Perlino and Deep Garnet semi-aniline two-tone leather. A car like this must also have veneer — Cream Ash Burr in this case, with white ceramic and pearl oyster accents and carpeting. In the trunk, you’ll find two sets of Titleist clubs with custom fittings.

Range Rover will cap production of this new special-edition Range Rover at just seven. Last year, the Carmel Edition was limited to 17 units. A handful of the Carmel Editions have been sold, per Land Rover. Those went to guests at the Range Rover House, which was an invite-only event during Monterey Car Week. No doubt hoping to temper the display of absurd wealth and manufactured exclusivity, Land Rover has said “a portion” of the proceeds from the sale of the Carmel Edition will be given to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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Range Rover Carmel Edition interior

Edmunds says

A $25,000 upcharge is pretty steep for an already steeply priced car, but ideally, that upcharge will be the donated portion of the proceeds. We’re also not sure why JLR would cut production of a car that sold out last year, in addition to charging more for it, but we think you can do the math on that.