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Chrysler Airflow Concept First Look: Chrysler's Future Is Finally Here

Chrysler Airflow Concept First Look: Chrysler's Future Is Finally Here

The classic American brand is going all in on EVs by 2028

  • The Chrysler Airflow Concept previews the brand’s future.
  • The company has said its first fully electric vehicle will be on the road by 2025.
  • It will follow that with a full portfolio of EVs by 2028.

We've been a little worried about Chrysler. The American brand is down to just two cars at the moment, the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan. It's clearly in dire need of a rethink, and luckily the new Airflow Concept proves that parent company Stellantis hasn't forgotten about Chrysler altogether. This handsome-looking crossover concept is said to preview the next generation of Chrysler products, all of which are said to be EVs.

The Airflow is essentially unrecognizable from the Chryslers of today, and that's a good thing. It sports a sleek design with slim headlights, a new corporate badge and fastback profile. The interior space looks crisp and minimalistic, with a panoramic sunroof and a lightly colored interior that affords it a calming vibe. It's essentially Chrysler's take on a day spa — an image only broken by the presence of five display screens spread throughout the cabin. 

Three screens dot the dashboard: a digital instrument panel in front of the driver, a touchscreen in the middle, and another for the passenger. There are two additional screens for backseat passengers. Information presented on each one is distinct, though information can be shared among all occupants. There are even cameras on each seat in case you need to video conference on the go. 

Chrysler is calling the setup a "smart cockpit" and regular over-the-air (OTA) updates should help keep the system fresh and full of new features. It's powered by a new electronic architecture that Chrysler says will allow developers to create features with ease. Think of it like your smartphone on wheels, just more powerful.

As for power, the Airflow Concept is motivated by a pair of 201-horsepower electric motors, but Chrysler said the concept is able to accommodate larger units for higher performance. Even though 402 horsepower sounds like plenty, we'll never say no to a little more. The motors pull from a battery pack located under the floor, and Chrysler has targeted a range of 350 to 400 miles with fast-charging capability. The Airflow features Level 3 automated driving, and that too is said to benefit from OTA updates.

The production version of the Airflow is slated to hit the road by 2025. After that, Chrysler says it will flesh out its model lineup with a host of other battery electric vehicles by 2028. It might seem like a while from now, but reinventing a brand from the ground up takes time. We just hope Chrysler can deliver a truly fresh slate by the end of the decade.

Edmunds says

The Airflow Concept is the first sign of a revitalization at Chrysler. We hope a production model sticks to its 2025 timeline.