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2024 Toyota Tacoma: Everything We Know

The new Toyota Tacoma will be revealed on May 19 — until then, this is everything we know about the new truck

2024 Toyota Tacoma profile teaser
  • The new Toyota Tacoma will debut on May 19.
  • Multiple trims will be on offer, including ones with a manual transmission and hybrid powertrains.
  • Toyota will also offer an overlanding-oriented Trailhunter trim.

Toyota’s PR machine continues to churn out teasers for the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma. That’s a good thing, and we've decided to gather up all the information we have on Toyota's new midsize pickup. For starters, Toyota has released another teaser — this time showing the silhouettes of various trim levels — and shared that the popular truck will be revealed on May 19.

Based on the outlines shown in Toyota’s announcement, it’s now safe to say that the Tacoma’s new look will very much be “small Tundra.” The truck will have a large, square front end with a shorter bed than the Tundra, naturally. Frankly, most of the trims look the same, save for what is very clearly the Trailhunter trim. Its appears to feature a lift, as well as a set of upsized wheels and tires and a set of sports bars poking out from the base of the bed near the cab. The teasers also confirmed that a short-cab option with what appear to be half-doors will be available as well, meaning those who want a more stubby Taco will have their wishes granted.

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter teaser exterior detail

Speaking of the Trailhunter, this is another aspect of the new truck we now have some information on. Toyota teased the off-road trim earlier this year, promising the “Tacoma Trailhunter will build upon Toyota’s legendary off-road and overlanding credibility with purpose-built engineering and robust components.” Little information beyond that was given, but images showed recovery hooks, custom bumpers by ARB, and trim-specific lighting and badging. We’re also betting the greenish-gold paint seen in teaser images will be specific to the model as well.

The good news for enthusiasts doesn’t end there either. In a separate teaser, Toyota also confirmed that the new Tacoma will come with a six-speed manual transmission. We expect the transmission will be derived from the one in the last Tacoma. Toyota doesn’t sell very many of these, and frankly, it's a genuine shock to find the manual will continue on. What trims this transmission will be available on isn’t known, but we’d love a six-speed with a crawler gear on the Trailhunter, and it would be perfect for competing with the Ford Bronco.

2024 Toyota Tacoma manual transmission confirmed

That transmission (and the automatic option that’s sure to come) will be offered alongside Toyota’s hybrid iForce Max powertrain for the first time. In the Tundra, that means big power — the larger truck produces 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque from a hybridized V6 powertrain. We don't expect the new Tacoma to pack that V6 hybrid and instead will expect to see Toyota use a hybridized turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Power outputs are still unknown, but we expect a triple-digit number that starts with a "3." When Toyota teased the truck’s new powertrain, it also hinted that the option would be available on TRD Pro models, though on what other trims you can have the hybrid powertrain isn’t clear yet.

Connections to the Tundra won’t end there for the latest Tacoma. It’s rumored the Taco will ride on a scaled-down version of that truck’s platform, which likely translates to some Tundra-derived changes. There will be further mechanical changes as well — which we know thanks to the litany of teasers Toyota has put out. One showed that the Tacoma will be getting rear disc brakes for the first time as well — at least on TRD trims. In the same announcement, Toyota also confirmed the TRD Pro will receive sporty Fox suspension upgrades. These changes will likely be further enhanced in Trailhunter trims. For now, we expect this and whatever premium trim Toyota brings will capstone the lineup.

2024 Toyota Tacoma short cab teaser profile

A final notable detail — Toyota shared some images of a clever optional extra for the Tacoma. The company released some images showing an option that adds a JBL Flex Bluetooth speaker. The speaker will live in the Taco’s dash, likely charging while it sits there. From there, it can be detached and taken with you.

For now, these are all the details we have on the upcoming Toyota Tacoma. It isn’t clear if Toyota will be teasing the truck again before its May 19 debut. There’s certainly plenty of time for more.

Edmunds says

The new Toyota Tacoma is shaping up to be a massive improvement on the aging truck’s design. Toyota has previewed that the truck's latest iteration will feature both mechanical and aesthetic changes as well as some clever design features. We’re particularly excited for the overlanding-focused Trailhunter trim.