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Order Up! Tesla Model 3 Highland Now Available in the U.S.

Even though Europe got it first, we're happy to see the Highland here

2024 Tesla Model 3 group shot
  • The Tesla Model 3 Highland is now available for purchase in the U.S.
  • It's a big refresh of the current Model 3, with new looks and significant improvements under the skin.
  • Prices start at $40,630.

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland is now available to order from Tesla's consumer website. The base model, simply called "Model 3," starts at $40,630 (when you factor in the car's purchase price, the destination fee, and Tesla's $250 order fee). The only other trim that's currently available is the Long Range model, and that starts at $51,130 when you account for all the same fees.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

Range figures have changed for one of the new Model 3's trims. The base, single-motor rear-wheel-drive Model 3 has the same 272-mile EPA-estimated range as before. That 272-mile figure is on the smaller and more aerodynamic wheels. The bigger wheels drop that range number to 248 miles. The top-spec Long Range Model 3 has a max range of 341 miles on the smaller wheels, the bigger wheels take that figure down to 305 miles. There's no Model 3 Performance on sale right now, but we assume Tesla will add a new performance trim to its lineup in the future.

The Model 3 Highland is a significant revision of the current Model 3. It sports new looks around the front and the back, but that's not all that's changed. Inside there's an even more minimalist interior, and the turn signal and shifter stalks have been eradicated. You now have to use the screen to select park, neutral, drive and reverse while the turn signals are on the steering wheel. There's still no display ahead of the driver, but there is new wrap-around interior ambient lighting that we think is a nice touch.

2024 Tesla Model 3 front 3/4

Other tweaks include more sound insulation to better cancel out road noise, different mounting points for the suspension, softer springs (and new dampers) for a better ride, and new forged steel control arms. There's also acoustically insulated glass for every window (which should help quiet down the cabin even more). There's also new brake mounting hardware that is supposed to help brake cooling and prevent snow buildup in and around the brakes.

The batteries and motors, however, have not changed in the new Model 3. That means the single-motor rear-drive base Model 3 and the Long Range model still have the same powertrain as the car that came before it.

If you place an order now, deliveries are slated to begin as early as this month.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

Edmunds says

We haven't driven the new Model 3 yet, but it's safe to say we're pretty eager to get our hands on one and put it through our real-world Edmunds EV Range Test.