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Shawn, 02/12/2010
2dr Coupe (4.7L 8cyl 6AM)
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I completed a long (18 month) but fun process of driving all exotics out there except for Bentley, and at the end the Vantage was the clear winner. The key in my mind is that the Aston is pure motoring bliss. It looks, feels, and sounds other-worldly, and is completely classy. Also, I've been surprised by how much other motorists and peds love the car. Constant thumbs-up signs, digital photos.

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Dream Wheels

A M Dude, 04/06/2009
2dr Coupe (4.7L 8cyl 6AM)
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Having been the owner of many fine cars (Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar) I always suspected that if, and when, I purchased an Aston Martin my heart would be lost forever. How right I was!!! While the Aston Martin Vantage 8 may not be the perfect car, you'd be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. In my opinion the workmanship, performance, and curb appeal of this beast would stand up to any other make or model. The drop jaw good looks and driving experience makes this an investment worth every penny spent! I recently showed it at a regional car show and even with more exotic models of Porches, Ferraris (sp), and others my Vantage drew the majority of the raves. Do yourself a favor: buy one!

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Not for the faint

Booboo, 12/28/2009
2dr Coupe (4.7L 8cyl 6AM)
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This is my 2nd Aston which I purchased new and some things never change. The Aston is a high performance car for sure with a reliable and truly excellent engine the rest does not live up. The road holding is OK and no problem on regular highway driving, but the suspension is an issue because there is no "ABC" feature that inspires confidence, so in fast and tight corners, an average driver will have to deal with a nervous car and will be more shaken than stirred. It is an unsophisticated car with a washboard ride, but I buy one again!

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Broke the first day.

gvan54, 11/29/2009
2dr Coupe (4.7L 8cyl 6AM)
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This beauty stranded me the first day I had it. The clutch went out on it and it had to be picked up by a flatbed. Dealer needs it for 10 days, the part has to be ordered from the U.K. How do you ever trust a car again after it strands you. I will sell it as soon as I get it back. In addition, the leather above the speedo / tach is coming off, you could actually see the staples that hold it down on the underside. This is a luxury car??!! Stick with the BMW's and Lexus's of the world, at least they are delivered in one piece and don't strand you on the side of a highway.

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Not perfect, but the best car ever!

Brian, 12/25/2009
Roadster 2dr Convertible (4.7L 8cyl 6AM)
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This car has plenty of flaws such as really outdated electronics (GPS, radio, etc.) and horrible ergonomics (tiny buttons in bad locations, etc.). But none of that matters because when you drive this car you feel like the king of the road. Sure, there are faster cars and more technologically advanced cars, but nothing gets attention like an Aston Martin, and it's attention with class. It's not flashy like a Lambo or Lotus - it's all class, and the sound it makes is astounding! The sound coming out of the exhaust is worth the cost of the car entirely!

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