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Awesome Car

CaliPatriot88, 07/21/2010
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I drove the Honda Integra when I was in Japan and loved it so much I bought the USDM version the RSX. I couldn't afford the type s though so I bought the luxury base model. A great car fast and nimble on the highway, it loves going fast and loves taking corners. Great on gas, run on premium and you'll get some faster acceleration out of it.

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Bought it brand new. Amazing Car

nateprice, 10/04/2013
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Bought it off the lot in 2005. Have had it for 193000 miles. The only thing I've had to replace is the rear calipers which siezed up at 150,000 miles. Still have the original clutch. No other repair costs. And I drive this thing HARD... Brakes last, tires last, amazing gas mileage. 5 spd manual is fun, 160 hp engine could be a bit beefier. Type S isn't that much faster and requires premium. Friend has type s, He barely accelerates faster up to 60 mph. From 60+ the Type S really accelerates better. Handles amazing! Take turns fast with confidence and ease. Steering is responsive

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RSX S-Type- Not Just for Kids

Matthew M., 03/24/2006
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I've owned the RSX S-Type since Dec 1, 04. I took my wife's TSX in for an oil change and test drove the RSX while I was waiting. I went back the next day and bought the RSX. The general manager asked who the car was for. I said for me, do you think I'm too old (55 at the time). I love it. It is by far the most fun car to drive I have ever had and the most sporty. The sport does add a much stiffer suspension than some may like but for handling you can't beat it. It loves the on ramps to the interstate and the faster you drive it the better it sticks. The higher the revs the better and it will fly in the higher rev range. Best car in this class for the money, period.

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dendron, 09/03/2006
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What a shame Acura has decided to discontinue this model beyond 2006! The RSX -- especially the Type-S -- is major bang for the buck. Grab one before they're gone. I owned a 2002 Type-S, which I loved, until the refinements of the 2005-06 were introduced... then I had to trade. My 2005 is a noticeable improvement over the earlier varsion. A very nice blend of luxury, economy, and performance for under $25K. Several reviewers have complained about the rough ride. This is primarily due to the crappy Michelin touring (M+S) tires Acura shackles this car with from the factory. An upgrade to a set of oversized General UHP summer tires TOTALLY transformed this car for me. BIG difference!

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Can't beat it!

jammin05s, 04/06/2006
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I love this car. You will truly appreciate the power out of a stock 4 cylinder engine. More than 50 horse power per cylinder!! Performance you can't imagine from a company that did.

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I am smiling again

PACA, 08/28/2016
Type-S 2dr Hatchback (2.0L 4cyl 6M)
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I have been driving Acura’s for the past 25 years. I had a 91 & 99 Integra GSRs and must say these cars for the money were the best all around. Stepped up to a couple of TLs and was quite disappointed with the Acura Brand as I questioned build quality. Decided to give the brand one more chance by purchasing used 05 RSX Type-s. This car as I recalled from the past has a solid build quality with lots of fun factor. Mechanically sound with no problems, excellent gas mileage and a NATURALLY aspirated 210 hp engine. Six speed gear shift is remarkable even with 161K miles.

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Fun little car

statusone, 05/14/2012
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This was my first car ever and I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was vivid blue pearl and I had the type-s so the wheels looked amazing as well. The car was definitely a head turner and everyone seemed to like, people would let me thru in traffic (this doesn't happen in something like a bimmer). It is a Honda so it is reliable as the universe and I had it serviced at Honda (since no Acura dealership was built near me at the time) and I got Honda prices, but Acura prices aren't that bad actually for a luxury car. It isn't as fast as you'd expect a 210 hp car to be. The problem is you have to wind it up to 6500 rpm to get it going and there's very little torque. But a fun drive nevertheless

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So far it's been amazing

cczajka21, 10/17/2014
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I bought this car about a month ago with only 84,000 miles on it. For being almost 10 years old, I thought that was pretty good. I have always loved this kind of car and ended up finding one when I wasn't even looking. After the first test drive i fell in love. The 6 speed is amazing and so much fun to drive. It has the perfect amount of power for me and it handles great. I was worried about the mpg because before this car I had a corolla and got excellent gas mileage. I go to college in a big city so I figured that would lower my mpg but I'm getting an average of 29.5 which I thought was good. So far I have had no problems and hope it stays that way so i can keep this car for a long time.

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Silver Rocket!!

Tom, 05/02/2005
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A fantastic car! Amazing performance from a 4 cyclinder engine (and good fuel economy as well). Short-throw 6 speed is perfect. Build quality is exceptional. Feels tighter than a drum. Stock stereo is quite good as well. Perfect car for those who want great performance but don't want the higher fuel costs and "boy racer" looks of some of the others.

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Fast Junk

Time 4 a change, 07/07/2006
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I had a 2002 RSX base that I loved. Then got hit by a red light runner which wasted the car. I went out and bought a 2005 Type S thinking it would be even bette. WRONG! This thing is junk. I've had it in the shop more times that I can remember. The struts have been fixed/replaced at least 5 or 6 times, the moonroof stopped sealing and had to be replaced, I have numerous rattles in the dash and doors. All this started at 750 miles and it now has 10,000 and is still going. I've had to file a lemon law claim as one deal just stopped returning my calls. I have well over 40 days of shop time and I can say that the TL is junk too since I've had it as a loaner car all this time too.

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