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1996 Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.2 L Flat 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain All Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 135 hp @ 5400 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 19/26 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1996 Subaru Legacy

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  • What's New for 1996

    A new sport model debuts, with a larger, more powerful engine. The 2.5GT is available in sedan or wagon format. The luxury-oriented LSi…

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Climb a tree if you

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Vehicle: 1996 Subaru Legacy LS 4dr Sedan AWD

This was the second car i ever owned and after a Hyundai Elantra this eas a god send. The 4 cylinders are great on gas especially on the highway. I took it mudding because i was young and kept up with a 4x4 bronco in the mud. I kept the gas down and it kept moving. I had alot of fun on ice as well, the awd is remarkable. I put alot of wear into that car but it never let up. I wrecked the suspension(totally my fault!) but it took a serious beating. also destroyed the bearings which where a cheap fix. lifters ticked after 157,000 miles with an oil leak. coolant problems at 175,000 miles but a new radiator for 1oo bucks self installed corected this. I sold it cheap. Loved the car. Great buy!

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Great car but 2.5l mechanically

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Vehicle: 1996 Subaru Legacy LSi 4dr Wagon AWD

Purchased 2.5L Legacy Outback 10/09 - 156k - w/o inspection. W/in a week $1400 transfer case repair...had no AWD. Wonderful AWD now, BUT has cost $4500 past 2 yrs incl transfer case, timing belt, radiator + bi-mo. repairs. A/C has never worked. Ck eng light on constantly altho turns off by itself several days later. Recently a long-standing misfire issue became full blown problem. Car barely started making noises like a starter problem, shook horribly, probably only running on 1 cylinder. Today, it does start, runs somewhat smoothly, engine sounds odd. Blown engine? Will miss my beloved Outback. R.I.P. Now allocating my Suby repair budget to buy new car.

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Love this car!

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Vehicle: 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback 4dr Wagon AWD

I live in Maine and needed a car that could withstand our weather. I bought my '96 in December because I had heard good reviews about Subaru's. My dad was unsure about it because he had never worked on a Subaru before, but quickly changed his mind when he drove it in the snow. It doesn't shift very smoothly (for an automatic) anymore and the 2.5 likes the liquids a little more than I prefer. The check engine light has been on since I got the car (the previous owner said it was because of an oil leak) and the gas mileage is comparable to a half ton Dodge pick-up truck, but I still love this car.

Gas Mileage


  • 19
  • cty
  • 26
  • highway
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What's New for 1996

A new sport model debuts, with a larger, more powerful engine. The 2.5GT is available in sedan or wagon format. The luxury-oriented LSi model also gets the new motor. A knobby-tired, raised-roof Outback wagon appears, offering 7.3 inches of ground clearance and an optional 2.5-liter engine. Designed specifically for American consumers, the Outback provides a carlike ride with light-duty off-road ability.

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had the tires balanced 4 times! now we think it may be the wheel bearings or the ball joints. It is worth spending the money to fix these? The vibration isn't horrible, but it is noticeable but does ?...

I've had this car for a while and I love it. It's got 178k miles on it and recently it's been having trouble....