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1994 Dodge Viper Convertible Pictures

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Built low and wide, there's nothing practical about the original Viper RT/10. With some skill the Viper RT/10 can be made to drift. Most of the time, however, when it breaks loose, it's the laws of physics that are in charge. With its wide tires and stance, the Viper RT/10 is a grip machine right up to the moment it isn't. Then it's vicious. Clamshell hoods are dramatic, but the RT/10's is expensive to fix. Insurance companies don't like expensive-to-fix things. The RT/10 door handle came straight out of the K-Car parts bin. Yeah, the RT/10 has a real cigarette lighter. What, you think smoking is going to kill you before the car does? The Viper has always taken some tenderness to launch well. There's always enough torque available to overwhelm the tires. The Viper roadster finally lost the silly hoop behind the driver when it was redesigned for 2003. If a Viper is chasing the horizon, the horizon doesn't stand a chance. In 1992 red letters were considered cool. Not only is this mesh vent on the RT/10's hood functional, it's great for grilling salmon. The Viper RT/10 may have been built on an assembly line, but it was built by human beings, not robots, and that shows in many of the cruder elements of construction. Different generations, same powerslides.
1994 Dodge Viper
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