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56K miles down, 944K to go!

Tango6, 12/24/2009
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Yes I do expect a million miles out of this truck. I bought it just before I retired from the Army. I used it in the field transporting troops and gear, daily driving around town, and hauling a lot of gear across the country. I change my own oil every 5K miles(Toyota filter & Mobil 1). I've added a K&N air filter and a tri-fold toneau cover. Took a trip up to New Mexico and checked the mileage. I got 24.8 mpg. This included highway & city driving as well as a lot of hills. The truck is very comfortable for cross country trips. In addition to changing my own oil, I change my own spark plugs. Maintenance on this truck is easy due in part to accessibility. It also has tons of great storage!

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richiew13, 03/06/2013
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I bought this truck in May 2011, hoping it would be a reliable and economical vehicle for me to keep for a long time, eventually becoming my #2 vehicle. Ever since I got it, I haven't been happy with the way the engine idles. It sometimes revs fast, and sometimes wavers up and down. I also dislike the way the transmission shifts. It can sometimes be harsh and/or wait too long to shift. As of now, 3 of my automatic door lock mechanisms have quit working. The A/C blower is noisy, and will occasionally stop working. (If you kick it, it will work again.) I hate the way the brakes make a "clunk" sound the first time you hit them after going in reverse. Other than that, I've enjoyed it.

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Mixed bag

rmw288, 06/23/2014
PreRunner V6 4dr Double Cab 6.1 ft. SB (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought my Tacoma used in 2011 with about 25,000 miles on it. I drove it for 3 years and 55,000 miles. I never had any kind of trouble with the engine or drive train, as far as reliability. It never broke down. My complaint was the truck always revved a little high while at idle. Also, the shifting was always weird. At low speed it would stay in low gear too long and rev high before shifting. Under load, the engine would knock. 3 of the 4 automatic door locks eventually quit working. The compass/thermo stopped working. The A/C fan would intermittantly stop working. Car was totaled in an accident in 2014, and I replaced it with a full-sized truck for towing.

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Too many problems!

mudslinger, 03/16/2008
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Replaced wife's jeep with TRD Tacoma because they last forever with no problems? Drove it home and shut driver's door latch fell out of the door, back to the dealer for a week. Check engine light came on at 500 miles, back to dealer two days, crack in gas cap. 900 miles, keyless entry stops working in shop four days while they trace down electrical short. Getting a whole 14mpg in mixed driving, same as my full size truck thats twice the size. 4200 miles traded it in for a Ford Edge!!!!

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After 8 months I'm still satisfied!

TacoMan, 07/20/2008
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I purchased my truck almost 9 months and 10,000 miles ago, and I must say that I am still very happy with it (unlike my last pick-up truck, a which was a 1999 Ford Ranger)! I have driven it between Florida and Upstate New York a number of times, and except for disappointing highway gas mileage (around 18-20 MPG), I generally have no complaints. I bought the truck without the towing package (a $600 dealer option), but I installed a top of the line trailer hitch and wiring for less than $200! I had no problem towing a 5000 lb. boat/trailer! I also didn't get the overpriced TRD option, but the truck is still great off-road!

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