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Meets or exceeds all expectations

rutabaga, 08/29/2013
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I wanted a commuter car and got the xB. It had 20k on it when I bought it. I've put 60k on it. Had a salvage title. It does everything I wanted it to and more. I'm not too diligent about maintenance but it's still rock-solid reliable. Spacious cabin room and very easy for the 3 kids to get in and out of. Not perfect, but just fine driving the occasional 200 mile trip to visit family. Consistently gets 30mpg *in town.* Here are some shortcomings to be aware of, although I don't hold them against the car AT ALL: weak on power; small cargo space in back; stock sound not very good; jeez, I really can't think of anything else. GREAT car. FYI, I'm 6'5", 210lbs and fit just fine in it.

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Best value for the $ hands down!

jonbreeze, 02/07/2014
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My scion was just totaled after 8 years of ownership. I loved it so much I felt I needed to review it for others to know. I bought it as a salvage in 06 with 16k miles on it and I put 170k miles on it. I did do some routine maintenance but it wasn't super consistent and definitely not on time. I never had a single mechanical problem with it other than replacing some simple belts once. After a few years of ownership I crashed it and had to replace my good, front fenders, front bumper, radiator, and some wiring and even after it ran flawlessly. Im a younger guy and drove it pretty hard and took it On long trips with lots of luggage and it performed great! Minor cosmetic flaws but great value!!

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250,000 miles and still going.

bigtbronco951, 05/29/2012
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I bought my 05 xb used toward the end of 05 with 23,000 miles on it. Mine is the bright yellow release series. Since i`ve owned it i have driven the crap out of it! Taken it to Las Vegas countless number of times and on several oyher road trips since 05 and it has never let me down. Car averages around 31 mpg hwy so long as i put super in it. Have done a few aftermarket upgrades to it and by far the best one was the Magnaflow exhaust system.Woke the little box up like you would not beleive! As far as reliability...awesome! still on the original clutch. Change oil regularly. gonna try and see if it`ll go 500,000 with no major work.

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long lasting toyota product

Pat, 01/21/2017
4dr Wagon (1.5L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought this car brand new in 2005. has about 260,000 on it now. bought it because I have three sons over 6 feet tall and this seemed to be the only car at the time that could easily accommodate the height of all us in both the front and rear seats without being crowded. repairs on this car are extremely minimum...I have replaced the water pump, rear wheel bearing, climate control selector cable, and drivers window motor. The belts systems on these cars seem to be a week point, I can never seem to keep them tight enough to avoid squealing in cold weather. The climate control selector is also a weak point, as it always seems to be a bit loose and inaccurate. The paint chips easily and due to the upright position of the windshield it also tends to attract rock chips. The engine is underpowered and on hills on my way to work it has to work hard and turns 4,000 rpm just to keep up to speed. This is a great in-town car, but is not a great highway/trip car. The XBs do not come with cruise control (really, electric windows, but no cruise control?). They also do not come with a center arm rest, which is needed. Road noise is deafening, which is a shame because the stereo system is pretty good...just can't hear it much on the open road. Driving comfort is grueling for anything more than short jaunts around town. Ride is harsh. Don't get me wrong, this is a very well constructed car, and long lasting. It is by far needs the least maintenance of any car I have owned. UPDATE: 8-4-19 - I hit 345,000 this summer, still running strong. Uses about a quart of oil between oil changes (changed every 4,000 miles) inside materials are holding up rips tears in the seats and they show very little wear. Decided to replace it with a Toyota Rav 4 and gave the XB to my son. will see how many more miles it will last while in the family. UPDATE 8-27-20 - my son is still creeping up on the 350,000 mark. Still runs and drives well with no major repairs needed.

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cool car

busdriver8, 04/16/2012
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i purchased my 05 about a month ago. camaflage green cool color. i also own a civic hybrid but there was no trunk space for my wifes wheel chair so i went looking for a good used car for around $8000. there was the xB@ my local toyota. 37850 on the clock no dents dings just 1 small scratch. paid a little more but not only do i ave 36mpg plentu of room for the kids wheelchair but my leg and head room is superior. nice for a budget car. the only thing i miss is cruise control but hey cant have everything. and mommas happy with it. and if mommas happy we are all happy.

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