Big Sun - 2011 Outlander Sport Long-Term Road Test

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Long Term Road Test

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2011 Outlander Sport: Big Sun

January 10, 2011


I like convertibles, but I'd much prefer a good sunroof. Thankfully a recent trend is to introduce panoramic sunroofs. Our Outlander Sport has this option. It's probably my favorite feature of our longer termer besides the actual exterior looks.

Granted, the mongo sunroof isn't so great during the winter with its gloomy skies, but I'm looking forward to the warm Spring days with beautiful vistas in a few months. I've driven other vehicles with these panoramic sunroofs and the trade off is that they can be overly bright in direct sunshine (if they have a semi-translucent cover), or even pretty toasty in the summer time. If you can deal with that, it's a pretty sweet option.

To me, the panoramic sunroof is a good hybrid between a convertible and, well, not. Granted, if you like the wind in your hair experience from a convertible, this just isn't going to cut it for you. Would you shell out the extra dough for such an option, would you save it for something else, or go full hog and get a convertible?

Scott Jacobs, Senior Photographer

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