Client Deliverables

Vehicle Jelly Bean, OEM Logo, Copy Requirements

Due 10 Business Days Before Launch

1. Vehicle Jelly Bean

Recommended size: 2400x1050
Min size: 410x277

Aspect Ratio: 16:7

Vehicle Orientation: 3/4 view
1. Drop shadow must be contained within the unit's pixel dimensions
2. Image should be set against a transparent background

2. OEM Logo

Recommended size: 1110x720
Min size: 134x75

Aspect Ratio: 37:24

1. Logo is always centered within image
2. Image should be set against a white/transparent background

3. Copy Requirements

1. OEM Website URL — Required: 19 character max

2. MSRP — Optional: To be provided to match vehicle jellybean

3. Accolades — Optional: 80 characters max


Default Edmunds CTA

Disclaimers allowed

Persistent Image: 26 characters max
Pricing Rollover Disclaimer: 295 characters max
Build Rollover Disclaimer: 295 characters max
Incentives Rollover Disclaimer: 295 characters max

Click Strategy

Click out

Ad Serving

Site-served only — Client provided 1x1 impression tracking and click tracking available. Secondary 1x1 impression tracking pixels not allowed.

Third-Party serving is not supported


Vehicle Overview Example - 254x379 (Desktop) / 230x375 (Mobile)

Shopping Tools Example - 746x254 (Desktop) /320x460 (Mobile)

Incentives & Offers Examples:

Model Core Page - 366x154 (Desktop)

Search Results Page - 848x195 (Desktop) /375x334 (Mobile)

Conquest Examples:

Enhanced Spotlight - 300x180

Filmstrip - 254x340 (Desktop & Mobile)