Medium Rectangle - Native

Medium Rectangle - Native

Ad Dimension

300 x 250

Max File Size

Static: 40K

Accepted File Types

Third-Party tags from Edmunds' accepted vendors

Linking Strategy

Clicks may direct consumer to the client's website

Click must spawn new tab or browser window

Clear/prominent call to action recommended

Serving and Tracking - Third Party

Third-Party tags from Edmunds' accepted vendors.

If Third-Party served native creative is requested, Edmunds will supply a design style template to follow per native specs.

Creative assets must not write cookies to the user's computer (including Local Shared Objects, i.e., Flash Cookies).

By delivering creative to Edmunds the client will be representing and warranting no cookies will be written by such creative assets.

Serving and Tracking - Native Site-Served

If Edmunds first-party serves, client 1x1 impression and click (redirect or appended) tags accepted.
Assets required for native site-served build:

  • Vehicle jellybean
    • Recommended size: 2400x1500 / Minimum size: 410x277
    • Drop shadow must be contained with unit's pixel's dimensions
    • Image should be set against transparent background
  • Logo:
    • Recommended size: 1110x270 / Minimum size: 48x48
    • Logo is centered within image file
    • Image must be set against transparent background
  • Headline copy: 33-character max including spaces
    • Additional Headline copy (optional): 45-character max including spaces. Most commonly used for regional details
  • CTAs - 3-5 link outs
    • Examples: Build & Price, Locate a Dealer, View Inventory, View Incentives
  • Photo Disclaimer (optional): 26-character max including spaces

SSL Compliance

All assets / creative elements comprising the ad being served--tags, images, tracking pixels, etc.--must be secure, i.e., be SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) compliant, make secure calls, and use secure URLs (https, protocol-relative URLs).

If a non-secure creative is served on the site, it can prompt a warning in the user's browser, cause ad serving ad problems, or cause the entire page to be blocked.

Submission Lead-Time

Minimum 5 business days prior to campaign launch