General Ad Guidelines & Policies

General Ad Guidelines & Policies

  • Edmunds reserves the right to review and accept or reject any advertisement that does not meet its ad specifications, including these general ad guidelines and policies and those applicable to the specific ad unit. Out-of-spec requests will be reviewed and approved or rejected on a case-by-case basis.
  • All creative assets / elements comprising the ad being served — tags, images, tracking pixels, etc. — must be secure, i.e., be SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) compliant, make secure calls, and use secure URLs (i.e., https, protocol-relative URLs). If non-secure creative is served on our website, it can prompt a warning in the user's browser, cause ad serving problems, or cause the entire page to be blocked.
  • Edmunds recommends that ad creative scripts refrain from logging excessive information into the browser console log in the developer tools. Information such as zip code, locale, PII data look up, and other information with cause for privacy concern should not be exposed in the logs. If such logs are necessary for debugging ad errors, clients and vendors will be asked to provide a test ad/creative which can be prepared and flighted to debug issues. Errors and excessive logging found in ad creative scripts will be required to be fixed promptly and tested with test creatives before re-deploying to the production environment. Production ad creatives should avoid logging campaign information even if there are no errors and should not log information simply because the development console is open.
  • Edmunds DOES NOT accept ads in the following formats: commercial break, floating, floating expandable, interstitial, out-of-banner, pop-up, pop-under, reminder, video strip, wallpaper or window ad. Page takeovers and other custom executions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Creative assets must not write cookies to the user's computer (including Local Shared Objects, i.e., Flash cookies). By delivering creative assets to Edmunds, the client is representing and warranting that no cookies will be written by such creative assets.
  • Edmunds' third party tracking policies are stated here.
  • All creative must function uniformly on both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Frequency caps are not applied to standard or specialty units.
  • All brand logos must be smaller than the Edmunds' logo.
  • Except as otherwise permitted by Edmunds in connection with native ad placements, all ads must clearly be differentiated from page content by adding a minimum 1px border or containing a contrasting background color. Edmunds reserves the right to reject any ad using Edmunds' look and feel to mimic in-page content.
  • Edmunds reserves the right to reject any ad on behalf of, or which directly promotes Edmunds competitors' sites, products, services or activities.
  • Edmunds reserves the right to suspend and request new assets for ads receiving negative consumer feedback.
  • While Edmunds often suggests or recommends advertising content to its clients, collaborates with its clients to formulate advertising content, or creates advertising content for its clients — in each case for use on our websites — it is the responsibility of the client to determine if such content (including any "claims") (1) are accurate, (2) comply with all applicable laws and regulations and industry standards and practices, and (3) do not violate the rights, or require the consent of, of any third parties. Edmunds cannot and does not take such responsibility. The only exceptions are advertising claims that are based on Edmunds data or editorial content and as to which the client has obtained the written or emailed approval of Edmunds' Permissions or Legal Department.

Standard Creative Submission - Deadlines

Standard ads
i.e. 300x250, 728x90

Tags due 5 business days prior to launch

Segment launches
i.e. Editorial Hero, Type Hero

Tags and assets due 10 business days prior to launch

Homepage launches
i.e. Homepage Hero, Icon Sponsorship

Tags and assets due 10-15 business days prior to launch

Standard Creative Mocks/Revisions - Turnaround Times

Standard revisions or updates

3-5 business days

Creative mocks for site-served placements
Creative revisions for site-served placements

3-5 business days

Native mocks for site-served placements
Native revisions for site-served placements

5-7 business days

Standard Screenshots Request - Turnaround Times


72 hours


5-7 business days