High Impact - Homepage

High Impact - Homepage

Client Deliverables

Source image file

Tracking assets

Photo Dimension

Homepage: 1184 x 476

Clients should submit a very large (1600 pixels plus) high resolution photo within the aspect ratio.

Edmunds will resize.


Creative must include at least one vehicle.

Photo/image should not include borders.

Exterior vehicle shot only.

Lifestyle photos with people in real or imagined settings accepted.

Vehicle image safe area on the right side of the image in the dimensions of 784x476

Concept, prototype or pre-production vehicle not allowed.

Client logos, excluding the badging on the vehicle image, not allowed.

Images should NOT be set against a white/transparent background.

File Type

Static files only: JPG/GIF/PNG

HTML/Flash/SWF not accepted.

Rich Media, Animation, Expansion, Video, Audio not allowed.

File Size

50k max initial load only.

Subsequent loads not allowed.


Exceptions to run minimal copy approved on a case-by-case basis.

Year Make Model (e.g., Jeep Grand Cherokee)
(Character max: 50)

Sub copy (e.g. Spark of the future) (Character max: 40)


Button "Learn More" (Character max: 10)

Outside of Button " [OEM.com]" when clicking out to OEM site (Character max: 28)

Ad Labeling

Labeling language and placement designated by Edmunds.


Minimal disclaimer text approved on a case-by-case basis.

Edmunds will advise on character count and placement.

Click Strategy

Click in or out

Ad Serving

Site-served only
Client provides source files for Edmunds to first-party served.
Third-Party serving is not supported.


Homepage ad products only accept image based tags

Client 1x1 impression pixel.

Client click tracking tag (one total).

Any additional tracking pixels (e.g., viewability, etc.) not accepted.

Creative assets must not write cookies to the user's computer (including Local Shared Objects, i.e., Flash Cookies).

By delivering creative to Edmunds the client will be representing and warranting no cookies will be written by such creative assets.


Desktop only

Creative Deadline

Assets must be provided no later than 15 business days prior to launch.


High Impact - Homepage